New York Ragdoll cat breeder offering exquisite type, health and sweet tempered Ragdoll cats and kittens. My Ragdolls Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. Nassau County, New York Kitten Deposits: $250.00. VIEW POSTS IN OTHER STATES BY CLICKING TOP OF … She is our exclusive surgeon for our ESN procedures. They enjoy a good cuddle and they also enjoy a game that challenges their mind. are homebred from healthy genetic lines resulting in absolutely gorgeous, large, MSFPhover = Association standards. Tweet.                                                                                                     David Nudleman (516) 599-1708. not ship pets but prefer a face to face choosing of your new family member. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav4n=MSFPpreload("_derived/show_stoppers.htm_cmp_brightstone-ripple010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav4h=MSFPpreload("_derived/show_stoppers.htm_cmp_brightstone-ripple010_hbtn_a.gif"); } exhibit the larger size and personality that is the trade mark of Ragdoll Cats. Since 1993 we have been breeding ragdolls with the goal of producing the highest quality cats with the nicest personalities! We are so proud to bring these true original lines with zero outcrosses back to the United States where the breed began. The point markings may be covered by a range of white overlay patterns. Broadway Rags is a TICA registered and New York State licensed family owned and operated cattery dedicated to nurturing the finest in elite style Ragdoll cats and Ragdoll kittens specializing in Flame, Cream, Red Mink, Lilac, Chocolate, and Lynx patterns as well as offering traditional style Blue and Seal. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav16n=MSFPpreload("_derived/egyptian_mau.htm_cmp_brightstone-ripple010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav16h=MSFPpreload("_derived/egyptian_mau.htm_cmp_brightstone-ripple010_hbtn_a.gif"); } Both breeds are full of love and playfulness. // --> . breeding goal of creating large Champion Ragdoll Cats. // -->