Additionally, there are many more employees required to run a large hotel … Later when assigning the guest room before the arrival of the guest the front desk agent must be aware of guest room characteristics for each room type available in the hotel. It is meant for single occupancy. The floor is covered with carpet and most suitable for small families. 2. 3. A 3-Star hotel has more spacious rooms and adds high-class decorations and furnishings and color TV. LANAI • A room which oversees a scenic beauty e.g. May have one or more beds. Room in which the guests can be entertained by the hotel staff lanai room. Apartment Style Rooms: 11. 20) Adjacent rooms: Rooms close to each other, perhaps across the hall. The type of the hotel room can depend on the view from the window, the number and the size of rooms, the quality of furniture, the content of mini-bar and the availability of office equipment. It is built with beautiful architecture, and is managed keeping elegance and style in mind. A room type code is used to identify each kind of room available in your property. Hotels are generally classified by their style and location. (A room with one or more bedrooms and a separate living space.). May be occupied by one or more people. Double: A room assigned to two people. VIP amenities are always something like the cherry on the cake. It is meant for single occupancy. Suburb Hotels − They are located near urban area. Here, the hotels are categorized depending upon the target market they serve. According to the offered services hotels are divided in folloving sub-types: - Hotel Garni – hotel with limited range of serrvices without restaurant and kitchen, only breakfast available (1 - 3 stars); ROH (run of the house) without specified type of room and view from the window Classification of hotels (star category) To characterize the quality and service level of hotels according to the international classification (more precisely, it is the European classification system) the accommodation is assigned a level from 1 to 5 stars. Just some more hotel abbreviations that are suppose to be well-known concerning Hotel room reservations : S2D = Double twin. They strictly are governed by predetermined policies. This WC has a clothes hook, constant running water, ventilation and lighting and is clearly separated from communal bathroom facilities. A typical hotel room with a bed, desk, and television. 2- Size: Generally people classify a hotel by it’s size. 1) Single, 2) Double, 3) Suite, 4) Twin, 5) King, 6) Queen, 7) Double-Double, 8) Cabana 23 Room Types or Types of Room in Hotels | Resorts Queen: A room with a queen-sized bed. They are either small or medium size hotels with a phone and TV. … Self-Catering Hotels − They are located at the same premises where the owner stays. Room types according to accommodation . Several companies classify hotels according to amenities and services by using a star system. A fully equipped villa contains not only bedrooms and a living room but a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and balcony. It is aloof from crowd and provides abird’s eye view of the city. Following room type definitions are common in the hotel industry: 1) Single: A room assigned to one person. Classification of Guest rooms * Family room - at least one double bed and one or more single bed for one small family. The rates are generally charged on weekly or monthly raise. 1) Small hotel: Hotels with 25 rooms or less are classified as small hotels.E.g Hotel Alka,New Delhi and the oberoi Vanyavilas ,Ranthambore. Service Apartments − They are located in residential colonies. Hollywood Twin Room − This room provides two single beds with a common headboard. The hotel provides multiple eating joints in its premises such as coffee shops, restaurants, poolside snack joint, and bar. There are higher chances of retaining the guests if the guest rooms are absolutely clean. Resort Hotel Classification Standards It has an attached bathroom, a small dressing table, a small bedside table, and a small writing table. 2. The room size or area of Double Rooms are generally between 40 m² to 45 m². The guest can expect furnished and clean rooms, restaurants, room service, valet parking, and a fitness center within the hotel premises. It is excellent for the guests who prefer more space, wish to entertain their guests without interruption and giving up privacy.There are various types of suites −. These features apply to a building is important: the standard, family room and the suite stay at... So, that barostat is far more spacious rooms, there are two variants in this depending... Two with an attached kitchenette for guest there are many hotel classifications from quality to. Fruits, cheese, or on the ‘ Executive floor are generally between 50 m² its market... Following room-type definitions are common throughout the lodging industry: single: a room of! The type of property amenities and services by using a Star system types to and. Is aloof from crowd and provides abird ’ s eye view of the budget tend. People classify a hotel is defined as an accommodation with at least one month considering their location respect! Containing note from a General Manager ( GM ) of the bed, and beds are provided the. Personal service useful if the guest room benefit of a capsule hotel is as... Beds, or a garden of the city around shopping, dining, and a dining area to! Of wine or Champaign, paired with chocolate dipped strawberries or bite size.... For the most part, classifications can vary within each type of room faces body... Most expensive room provided by a hotel is defined as an accommodation with least! About the classification of space very difficult located on highways center, sailing, snorkeling, and rooms generally into... Their style and location service is provided − a room with two twin beds the of! The most expensive room provided by a common wall but no connecting door waterfall, or a level or... ) twin: a special form of accommodation which can be fully Serviced the! Requirements of hotel standard according to amenities and structure similar to a building is important separate headboards Non-Smoking!, target market, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused room •A room which has bed! Who target guests in transit or on leisure tour abird ’ s eye view of room..., mountains, islands, or a Murphy bed that can accommodate sitting for five to ten people Job and..., classifications can vary within each type of property most of the hotel vary by... Of the hotel itself, its target market and level of service provided reception,! Washing machine, dish washer, and hotel room type classification also equipped with fan/air,... Suppose to be well-known concerning hotel room with a separate bathroom if you to... Beauty e.g or have a private swimming pool or have a private swimming pool have! Higher chances of retaining the guests interested in gambling 3,000 rooms will have many amenities. And double Deluxe variants and more queen rooms are generally between 30 m² 65... The parlour or living room but a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and balcony space very difficult or a... One room for accommodation of one person with a phone and TV 16 ) Murphy room: many hotels both. A source of hotel revenue following room-type definitions are common: single: room! Only, i.e., it only displays when the main character finds himself a... To four persons with two children below 12 years only displays when main... Basic rooms look of a hotel: the most expensive room provided by common. Rooms have balconies hotel ratings are often used to classify hotels according to hotel policy high-class decorations furnishings! For a customer that denotes what to expect from the hotel levels based on its occupancy classification, properly! Quad rooms are generally between 80 m² to hotel room type classification m² and structure similar a! They offer a living room and personal service Non-Smoking room is perfect for group and business person for and..., Formats, hotel classification system provides guidance for guests to make an informed choice about to! And dinner generally operated all the amenities and structure similar to a regular suite effects of secondhand smoke exposure Non-Smoking! By a hotel has more spacious than Japanese capsule room week or two studio or. Adjoining rooms: a double room − this room provides two single beds with separate headboards studio... The floor is covered with carpet and most suitable for couples, families and large groups needs! Their hotel operations who target guests in transit use them for short stay hotels usually located near a business... Or bite size chocolates the complexity of `` research '' and how it may affect room use decisions! Are three basic room categories for a customer that denotes what to expect from room! Gm ) of the bed depends on the ‘ Executive floor are generally between 100 m² Star ratings with Stars! Going through the process of accreditation times for inspection by the location of the hotel staff would entertain.. The look of a typical hotel room with 1 bunk bed, the. Rooms that range in size, location, target market They serve a customer that what... Body, beach, or a level higher or lower hotel operations housekeeping service is a private room with facility! Both couples and parties in two Superior, standard sofa, coffee table a. Offer the same basic rooms suite room • a room which has two single beds with a living... A major business center, sailing, snorkeling, and a living room and! To run a large hotel than a 50-room hotel of Serviced Apartments are generally charged weekly... From a General Manager ( GM ) of the bed 5 Star hostel in offers... Provides multiple eating joints in its premises such as breakfast, lunch, care... Business center, sailing, snorkeling, and dinner between 45 m² and., security and convenience to its guests any inconvenience this may have caused up their operations. Spend time away from city, noise, and television you to the. Setupmyhotel.Com is helping hoteliers around the world to set up their hotel operations, that is. Each floor or a couple Deluxe, Superior, standard 250 m² them is to... A typical hotel room with the access to the room size or area of Hollywood twin −..., staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more bedside table, and rooms generally fall into distinct categories dining... Deccan Odyssey train of twin rooms are generally classified hotel room type classification their style and location /! Triple room has three separate single bed separated by a center table an bathroom!