There's also something known as the relative dose, a dose relative to the patient's body weight. Use a calculator for every calculation. Many drug dosages will be in the exact amounts that are found on medication labels, whereas others must be calculated to be sure the correct amount of medication is provided for administration. We will use the dosage formula to calculate the correct amount of medication for one dose. Now solve the problem: tabs gr mg mg gr tab 4 1 60 30 1 1 2 × × = The answer has to have tabs as units since that is the units for the dose on hand. Remember to follow your scope of practice. This dosage is written as OD, BD, or TDS by the doctors. Medical assistants should be familiar with legal practices associated with the state. It is provided to the general public Read it again. No, Michigan law does not require medical assistants to be licensed or certified. ... Drug Dosage Calculator . A drug is given to the wrong person 2. A basic review of mathematics serves to refresh your skills if you are weak or inexperienced in math and plenty of practice problems help you become competent in making drug calculations. Our score: N/A Links: Android. maximum amount of drug required to produce the desired effect. When a patient is set to receive a medication, we need to know what the dose of that drug is going to be. Drug or medication calculation is a skill all nurses and practitioners should practice and master. Medication incidents accoun-ted for 11% of all patient incidents reported to the National Reporting and Learning System (2012) in England and Wales between June 2010 and June 2011. Simulate the testing environment by answering the practice type of medication is prescribed for pain (analgesics) . Minimum dose: The least amount of drug required to produce a therapeutic effect. A doctor’s prescription may be filled by Medical Assistants to administer medication to patients. The following formula to calculate dosage is easy to remember The 75th percentile salary is $37,760, meaning 25 percent earn more. In order to calculate the 1. As a medical assistant, you will need to be familiar with the various routes of medication administration and how to administer each. What somebody is you do not sent from it and its related sites, publications and companies. For tablets, this type of calculation is usually quite straightforward, as the prescribed dose can be divided by the available drug dose to work out how many tablets to give. For example, if the prescription is 30mg prednisolone and the tablets available are 5mg, then the number of tablets to administer would be six. correct dose, you need to use the correct formula! • Dosage is as important as dose for a patient and dosage is mentioned clearly by the doctor on his prescription.