You should be thankful for these people tbh lol and obviously its not your responsibility to stop people from trying. Can you give me some tips on where to purchase color privately. Here are some links: Good luck and let me know if you have more questions! More people ruin their hair with color they’ve bought themselves. NVQ1, NVG2, NVQ3 AND NVQ4, only nvq4s (meaning your qualified to legally teach hair and beauty) or big business owners are able to get licences that get “better” quality products and this is done by sending of yiur certificates to our biggest beauty company for what is basically a member card. Erica as a fellow hair professional , i respect and appreciate your advise . I’m gonna start a blog and title it DIY LANDSCAPING then when you click on it I will make you feel like a dumbass piece of shit for not calling a proffesional and trying to landscape your own yard!! You can try on ebay, but there’s no guarantee that what you need will always be available. Also, that most people don’t know how to properly formulate for the best results…that doesn’t mean they can’t educate themselves and try(I have posts that only blog subscribers can access which explain basics of hair color and how to do it yourself to get the best results….as well as color charts, formula substitutions between brands, etc.). When you are fresh out of cosmotology school how would you go about getting a quality job at a salon that is going to have premier cosmotologists that will help you learn? Because we are stuck in quarantine and why not? My hair is faded and I just want to put the color back in but I can’t get it unless this licensed woman goes and gets it for me OR if I go spend 75 + bucks at a salon for someone to literally open a tube and put the gunk in my hair.. Also…if you stick with the same shade or family of hues…then over time it will last longer! Yes please guide me since she is not able to help. I have at least 3 shades in all the above lines as well as a few of their bleached or lighteners. I wanted to find a legit way to buy my color instead of having to go to eBay. I have beautiful loose curls, 3 maybe four times a year do I even use a straightener. When you consistently receive professional hair color, it’s … Other beauty products are sold that people may not know how to use perfectly or could be used incorrectly but they’re still sold. It depends on your natural hair, artificial pigment, and how long this is going to last(which no one really knows). Nope not going to do it again. Your friend has to be the one to go to the store to buy it because a license is required to enter Salon Centric and Cosmoprof. I would suggest changing the title so that you don’t waste people’s time. I’m now in my mid-30s and wanted to try it for myself. The Pro-Keratin, Ceramide and Collagen Formula is a long-lasting hair dye that helps protect and strengthen your locks. The owner has been trying to fix my hair for the past 2 months: I have had two haircuts, 3 Kerastase treatments and a master colorist try to fix the color. As others have mentioned, some people can’t leave their homes due to illnesses (physical, or mental), some people simply don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars going into the salon…the list goes on. Hair Dye Brush and Bowl Set, YGDZ Hair Dye Kit Professional Salon Hair Color Brush and Bowl Set, 4pcs Tint Brushes & 2pcs Mixing Bowls 4.6 out of 5 stars 384. “Did your Walmart box color let you down” Condescending much?? I have used professional products before and get the colour I want always!!! There would be lawsuits. I like the vibrant color as opposed to box dye, it also doesn’t trash my hair like box dye does. The biggest difference is the marketing/packaging, price, reputation of product, education, and sometimes quality. Only 1/4 of my hair had color when all of it should have had color in it. And, it turned out beautiful! Professional products are not sold to the public Because the maker doesn’t want the public using it. Many shopping sites now offer professional hair dye that you can apply to your hair yourself, following simple instructions, for a lot less money than your typical salon visit. Required fields are marked *. Your license means squat. iv been trying to find away that gets around this since I’m self employed and hate charging so much for colours that last no longer than a few washes before fading and only few weeks before almost completely fading out. My hair is long and way past shoulders. My salon is still closed. Impress your clients with professional permanent hair dye from Salon Services. I’m so tired of having 2 inches of grey. I know what shades I would need to buy (I’ve discussed it with my stylist before), know the proper ratios to mix, have all the tools I need, etc (if I could go to school for JUST coloring hair and nothing else, I would have), but I don’t have the license to buy from Cosmoprof/SalonCentric. Excellent for hair coloring … I can keep going with the examples, but I think my point has been made clear. It’s possible to use any of these products without causing a ton of damage(remember, using ANY chemicals/heat/etc. For someone looking to tone their hair, are there good options outside of buying diverted Redken Shades EQ (that would offer the same level of customizability, because I’ve already tried the Kristin Ess glosses, and it’s alright for a clear gloss, but the shade range is very limited). I receive compliments on my hair and frequently asked where I get my hair done. I’m not a huge fan of backcombing, but it’s the easier way. It seems like you have to know someone. Can you suggest a good keratin treatment product that is formaldihyde free that I can get without a lisence? Everyone has something and just because hair isn’t your thing doesn’t mean that ALL hairstylists are liars that charge too much. I named the article based off top search keywords so that people could more easily find the info stating that you just can’t buy professional hair color without a license. There are only a few in my area and they charge way too much. The easy part: Let the dye sit. Oh yeah and the freedom of speech! The major difference between store-bought and salon color is that a professional colorist mixes shades to give your hair depth, says Aura Friedman, a colorist who works with Lady Gaga.“Your color should always be a half shade lighter at the hairline and get darker toward the back,” adds Christopher John of the Garren New York Salon. I still have to go to work since I work in a financial institution because apparently it’s essential. My mom is a certified “blah blah blah”, and she taught me to do my own hair as a 16 year old, and I’m now 40 and still rock at it. I too agree with what you have said . and my formula is a bit different as my natural color is medium brown but I color it light copper blonde. Being nice is hard sometimes, but it’s what the world needs a little more of. womp…). Its so wonderful and I value the colorists. What would you recommend during this time that we are all going through? It’s kind of funny how serious you are about the whole thing. The industry is regulated in the U.S. to prevent non-professionals from chemical burns and other accidents. Not wanting hair color. I gave up on professionals. Too bad for me because the product is less effective after it has been opened and exposed to the air. You can probably get it on eBay, but the prices could be higher and you want to check the seller ratings to make sure it’s legit. It’s all in how you interpret it. Is it y’all know one day you’ll have to have good customer relations and get that chip off your shoulder in order to have clients? It might not be accurate, but it’s less likely to create a disaster than a non-professional trying to figure it all out on their own! I am so sick of paying $150+ to a salon for something I hate. I was using Matrix for about 3 years, and now it’s not available where i use to get it. I looked it up. I am coloring my hair by myself at home since I was 17 and I am 35 now and the color that I use it’s doing a great job. I’m fact even went as far as giving me a tube of it so I could re apply it myself. So you are trying to tell me that in order to be able to do your own hair that you should dedicate 1500 hours to a career that you will never use? I’ve worked in a salon as reception, and was close friends with a stylist, and I have extremely sensitive skin and have found box dyes actually more reactive with my skin than professional formulas. Do you have grays? I even went on the ABCH website and took the sample test to see if I knew my stuff. I certainly am not against anyone making money and I understand exactly how profits and overhead works. In no way am I insulting any of the salon cosmetologist, but you shouldn’t with people out of home either. It is ridiculous that a person cannot purchase “professional” hair color without a license. My stylist gave me the name – Redken Gel 17N 15 Volume… do you know what I can get to replace this color and do it on my own? I figured getting a degree and going for a career in academia would be beneficial to being successful here. I would only be coloring the last few inches of my hair, so if I really mess up bad, I can just chop it off without being heartbroken. I first have to applaud you for taking the time to reply to the comments, I truly believe you have nothing but well intentions to educate non-professionals. Could you imagine if one of these non-beauty-educated people decided they wanted a straight or curl perm. But don’t try to sell me on “only for professionals”…. Professional Hairstylist | American Board Certified Haircolorist | Makeup Artist | Beauty Blogger. If you want to go for it then I can help you figure out what to buy and give you some tips- just respond to this comment with your hair details(do you have gray, do you get a single application color or dimensional). Its your dedication to educating yourself through various ONLINE resources, expensive educational classes and hands on experience that truly separates the licensed professionals from your average woman. With the corona virus closing down salons, what’s the best option? Funnily, when you Google ‘rainbow hair color’ you’ll just get tons of pics and posts about rainbow hair color trends. I hate everything about this article. So you have to pay more to take it to Apple . I went to school for it, but the salon atmosphere wasn’t my thing. Some places charge much more, but single color isn’t really specialized so if you’re paying more than that it’s just overpriced. Hair color 7. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ): Many stylists have ruined my hair. Nothing shameful. And…because you didn’t spend $20000 to get licensed to buy these products. Ugh, honestly….. It’s shameful really. It’s ridiculous that some beauticians charge $80 and $90 dollars for a root touch up every six weeks. It’s because you’re not a professional. Maybe you are the one that is bitter because you had a bad salon experience? You can buy SOME brands online, but not from industry approved retailers. I need to add this new option to my article and I wouldn’t have thought about it if you hadn’t said something! The product being hair dye. Believe it or not, this information has helped many people and saved them from making a huge mistake. It’s convenient to be able to do these things in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of what of the cost at a salon. So my sister is in cosmetology school.. and is too lazy to help me find a good professional hair color remover… she wants me to do research myself… but with so much out their.. Garantimos que você vai encontrar o que procura. I would use 10 or 20 volume even though 30 would lift more/faster(because of your speed of application lower is better). Of course, I don’t guarantee anything like that because you have to know which one to use. I just always have to re-iterate to them that my advice does not guarantee the desired outcome. It takes hours of research, practice, and YouTube videos but some of us non cosmetologist can do better jobs than some licensed cosmetologists. I have colored and cut my hair since I can remember, due to costs. STEP 1 Your examples are completely offbeat. The lesson would have been to find another stylist not head over to ebay, amazon, or whatever to buy the chemicals and do it yourself. Is our diy hair color not turning out because we are not allowed to purchase salon quality hair color without a license or is it because we are not master mind proffesionals like Erika? Its best to do a strand test on your hair BEFORE you commit to a head full of the wrong color. Maybe step off your high horse for a hot second and explain your point in a kinder and less haughty way and then people will listen instead of be offended. I call bullshit on this post I’ve watched my hairstylist mix the color and apply it. I want professional hair dye because the stuff at Sally’s or the box dye is too thin and runny. It was a school so I knew what the mix and color was from all the conversations between my stylist and their supervisors. In your case I’d be happy to help you with which shade to use. We have online retailers linked to professional stores for those below(but either can use it as it’s not a known website for those who don’t do cosmotology), however we don’t have great pigmented dyes at all when it comes to reds, blues, greens, oranges like you can get with lincence nedded products made in the US, all our colours are crazy colour, manic panic or adore *sigh* or our most pigmented reds and purples are l’orel magi-contrast! Just because a stylist is located in Beverly Hills or caters to celebs means nothing. I do understand that everyone can’t get to a salon…so these articles are more for people who can afford professional hair color…but insist that they can do it better themselves. I have watched at least 40 hours of color seminar videos from the best on the business. Professional Products vs. Drugstore Brands. Choose from Koleston Perfect to Illumina Color. I understand what you’re saying that non licensed people shouldn’t have access to all the things licensed hair stylist should because obviously they have had a lot more hands on training. It’s always best to leave the process of removing hair dye to a professional. and then decided to lighten their hair?! You don’t always need a professional. What is your advice? You can’t assume people that do hair out of home are not experienced. I cant imagine how you handle clients. I spent many hours learning the process of hair coloring in its entirety. I.E. I’m by no means taking away from those individuals who have a creative flare and have practiced for many years – as with anything you can get better with practice. Hair clips 5. Here’s exactly how the formula benefits your customers hair: Professional Colours contains lactic acid which helps to condition, moisturize, and strengthen the hair in order to prevent breakages. It all depends on the products used, how it’s applied, existing damage, etc. If not, then I definitely wouldn’t do it at-home or professionally. I have a question: I went to beauty school, but never got licensed. Also, unless you know a bit about the shade and tone of your hair in relation to the shade and tone you want, you can end up with quite a mess. Or maybe the person is getting their hair done by a friend who’s an experienced stylist, but needs to buy the dye… That’s my case, anyway. She needs a touch up and I would like to try to do it for her and I know that salon products would work better. Yes, you will just need to set up an online account with the retailer of your choice! You’re about to ruin your hair…just stop. Bleach and hair dye will cause damage to your hair, so it's risky to dye hair that is already damaged and/or has been dyed a lot. I prefer Ellebangs who teaches us her secrets and Leo has a huge following and clientele. Thanks! The manufacturer of the products do not sell to the public because they only want their product associated with results that only a trained professional can achieve. Was your hair highlighted, or was it lightened(bleached) all over? 1. I don’t purchase any of my everyday products, such as makeup, grooming products, cleansers, lotions, styling products or equipment through regular retail options. You can find someone by searching keywords and filtering by area on Instagram! I haven’t heard of that one, but I did find a website for henna hair color that’s called “rainbow”. You can have success with non-professional products(although some may be more harmful), but if you don’t know what you’re doing there may be a lot of trial and error involved(or worse). Oh wow, not only can you simply NOT but apparently if you are not a “hairstylist” (im sure you meant licensed hairstylist), you “probably have NO IDEA* what you’re doing.” Unfortunately, your point was inherently redirected to the latter statement. If people want to try and do their hair at home with more complex products, it really is not your concern…this is the majority of the reason you can charge $400-$500 for color correction service. Can you just give a general idea how much Redken costs? You want professional products to do hair at home yourself, then do like we did, get licensed. Amazon also has some pro hair color products available. The partial retouch is $40 and covers all of the areas that show. I take on more color options than I would have dreamed and I’m not afraid to jump into anything because I research the ins and outs so I know what the outcome will be and I care because it’s my hair and I’m not in it to make a quick buck. What I do have is a color cabinet containing ONLY professional products including permanent, temporary and toners. She didn’t make the rules, she just answered a question! The Maddison option? Since when do other companies and industries do that? I had a friend who got me color and developer from Cosmoprof, but we lost touch. But I don’t think hair color should be only sold to licenced cosmologists. You asked someone “were they really professionals?” If I ruin my hair because I cannot mix it properly that’s my fault. But I need to go every 2 weeks otherwise I have too much grey. I can’t deal with the overcharge to customers, nor the plain out disrespect a lot of women show to each other in a salon. I have clients that need to come in every 3-4 weeks and they use a root cover spray in-between coloring. $5.94. After 20 years of other people fixing my hair, I felt like it came natural as I was completing the task. That doesn’t mean that you are always wrong or they are always right…it’s all circumstantial. Color Wow Root Cover Up Add to cart to save with this special offer. You are a hair dresser not a doctor, if I misuse the hair dye I’ll survive.
Here’s a great reader Q&A about buying professional hair dye: This article is JUST A TAD BIT biased. Shop SalonCentric's salon professional hair color products with a wide range of developers, direct dye's and bonders at wholesale prices. She left with a gorgeous ash blond color and smooth shining hair. Your hair achieves an incredible look from the dye’s intense color. Annoying and biased, my hair has been wrecked by so called proffesionals but people wanna say we can’t buy it cause we might screw our hair up like they do lol ok. I wanted to explain to readers why “superior” hair color products require a license to purchase, and that professional hair color is immensely different from what you get at Sally’s Beauty or the basic box of hair color. And they tell me it takes multiple processes to go that light. Not all professional hairstylists are going to stick their nose up at what you do. Additionally, you can incorporate a toning shampoo in your hair regimen to ward off the redness. I had the same reaction. You want to know why the public can’t buy “Professional Hair Products?” Because you’re not professionals that know how to use the products. Just a open minded understanding consumer. I love Olaplex and so many others but not able to afford salon price. Can we talk about that. “They deliver a more professional-looking finish to the hair, they’re easier to use, and dry times are quicker,” she adds, explaining why these are worth the investment. I am very understanding of those that cannot go to the salon for various reasons and I do help them(via the contact page/e-mail because chemical services are specific to each person and it’s difficult to give accurate advice without all of the information). Just schedule a complimentary consultation and see what they say! But in todays world with youtube and how to videos, there is zero reason other than stupidity to mess up coloring your hair. Most of that product, I suspect, is left over from bangs straightening by salon stylists. It would certainly be easier to control, but I was skeptical combined with the whole back coming situation. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I appreciate your comment, and thanks for reading! An old towel or drape 8. *Understanding the hairs’ porosity levels will help to explain all of this. It will take at least 2 years for my hair to get back to “normal”, and my curls to look healthy again. I have very few clients that come in every 3 weeks…and for those cases I do a partial retouch. This is why I would like to find a professional hair dye, and try to do it myself without damaging my hair with drugstores box colors. Hell no. This is the best way to stretch the life of your hair color service(whether you do it at home or go to a salon). Hi Erika – I appreciate your article and your position. I went to the Carsten institute for Aveda in Manhatten and I also had to continue hours for my license in Florida at Paul Mitchell the School. No one wants women and men filling the prompt cares with chemical burns because they didn’t understand what they were doing. I’m 57 yrs old,so I’m pretty sure i am almost all grey now underneath my color.I have thick but fine hair and I wear it a bit above shoulder length, but my stylist cuts it in lots of layers. My hair is dirty blonde and I do highlights(sometimes lowlights in a dark blonde or very light brown) and I do mine every 3-4 months. I got my hair messed up, to say the least, by a renowned colorist in a high-end salon in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. At least that’s a no-brainer when it comes to mixing. You can lightly “feather” the color through the demarcation line(where the regrowth meets the last color application) if you want to make sure there’s no noticeable difference between the new and old color formulas. There aren’t many things that you can compare to a licensed cosmetologist. You have to have a prescription from a licensed professional. And yes I’m aware it’s old….. I’ve watched a professional do my hair. If we all dye and bleach and cut our hair just fine now then why would we need these 1500 hours? I’m very grey now (about 70%!) However I do have a question. Professional products are usually made by professional hair dressers. I think you make quite valid points but your pretty harsh about it and a little over the top. I went to Paul Mitchell The School and it is by far the best education you can get! You degrading women that have already been lied to cheated and mistreated by every stylist they have ever paid is another reason why we will continue to do our hair ourselves and keep fighting for those equal rights. There are so many products that are sold that people don’t know how to use but but anyways.