I remember the company with fondness because they were my first employer But at the same time, they give ample time to justify yourself before the pannel. That way, you wont have to pay any bond money and you will get the experience certificate and 1 month's advance salary. Infosys provides Good facilities and has a good infrastructure to maximize the use of all possible options. Intensive entry-level training, amounting to nearly 100,000 person-days in fiscal 2000, helps us equip Good Onsite Opportunities (If you can survive in Infosys for more than 3-4 Years) Infosys conducts training programs on various new technologies side by side. There is lot more out there than being an SE at Infosys. Though I could not do anything, I went to Mysore with very heavy heart. In fact, she is now married to one of our batch mates she met during Infy training. Surely, infosys training will be the best part of your life. Today, Infosys has become the employer of choice in India – we had approximately 184,000 job applicants in fiscal 2000, and, from them, hired approximately 2,050 new Infoscions. Hello I completed my final semester internship from infosys .I failed in generic fa2 and stream fa2 .But overall aggregate was greater than 65% .I got mail from infosys to join in August .After I join will they give me L&D training or will I be asked to repeat whole technical training? Take this failure as a blessing. Its upto you how well you can justify your past termination. 14th September 2011 Go find your true passion. Being a North Indian guy, when I selected as Intern for Infosys Mysore I always used to think why Infosys can not provide training at North itself. The best way to leave within your training period is to fail deliberately in training. Infosys also designed variable pay to its employees which was a system based on three areas – “company performance, unit performance, and … Python-in-Infosys. Infosys also offered a work- life balance by offering weekly events that were tailored to employee’s interest (Delong, 2006). NOTE: Handle with Care. Why we need to go 2000 km away from our hometown. Try for the best. M&A And PE/VC Deal Making, Digital Training, 29 Jan, 2021 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Digital Training, 05 Feb, 2021 Limited Partners Summit 2021, Virtual Event, 19 … Contains Solutions of all Assignments from Infosys Generic Training on Python Fundamentals Part-1. Worked there for 5 years, including 4 months of training, 8 months of random research projects, 2+ years of work on some really good test automation projects - in India until this, followed by deployment at a couple of client sites in the US. You will regret badly if you dont undergo training. Anuj Kapoor, now of Norwalk, Connecticut, is charging that Infosys failed to pay him for in excess of 1,000 hours of overtime for time he put in for the company from 2012 through 2017 on … Infosys has a very good Background verification system and it is likely that your past may be truly revealed. As all of you know, Infosys Mysore training campus is the best training center that anyone can experience. The Work environment is good. This is from my personal past experience.