Most take the National Veterinary Technician exam. Voluntary CCA certification from AHIM or, Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification through CAHIIM. Most states require licensure or certification of athletic trainers. Online Education and Tuition Opportunities Artists interested in becoming a Medical Illustrator are required to study biology or zoology, anatomy, physiology, cell biology, chemistry, as well as courses in painting, graphic design, illustration, color theory, and computer graphics. You might be looking for direct patient interaction like a nurse has. Courses studied for this degree study radiation science, hazardous material management and control, risk communications, and respiratory protection. With an average $69,210 salary, this career protects workers or patients by inspecting workplaces for chemical, physical, radiological, and biological hazards; and, governmental specialists may impose fines for infractions. 1. Accuracy of patient information is critical in the reimbursement of insurance claims and reimbursement by Medicare or Medicaid. In addition to these six jobs, there are dozens more to choose from. The one exception to this is the baccalaureate of science in Nursing (BSN), which requires clinical hours and laboratory time that cannot be completed via an online format. Licensure may be required for technologists. Must pass exam given by the National Board for Certification Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). Click here to learn more about Purdue University Global and their programs. Most nurses who wish to become Clinical Trials Managers work in oncology for a few years and obtain certification. Microbiologists examine microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi to determine how they grow, live and impact our environment. Undergraduate chemistry majors typically are required to take courses in analytical, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.Computer science courses are useful as are courses in mathematics, biological sciences, and physics. In fact, there are a handful of health care and hospital jobs that don't require a degree. The BLS estimates a median salary of $83,180 annually and Medical Geographers benefit from excellent critical thinking, analytical and computer skills. Purdue University Global offers several online programs at the Certificate (Medical Assisting, Medical Billing & Coding), Associate’s (Fire Science and many others), Bachelor’s (Fires Science, Fire and Emergency Management, Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Health Care Administration, Health Information Management, Psychology, Legal Studies, and more) and Master’s level. I've always wanted to work in the medical field, but I don't want to spend all the time and money to become a full fledged doctor. Students with a bachelor degree in computer science can find work in hospitals, physician offices, federal agencies and insurance companies; and, IT specialists can anticipate a median salary of $88,890 with an above average 18% job growth. Certification is given by The National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCCM). They usually hold master’s degrees. Most states require licensure or certification of athletic trainers. So, if you are planning to become a nurse, expect to attend a campus-based baccalaureate in nursing program. And many of the occupations in this category are known to have average salaries in the six figures (i.e., not just at the top end of the pay scale). Entry-level education: Bachelor's degree (3 or 4 years) Job satisfaction and stress-level considerations: Often regarded as a high-paying, low-stress career: Biomedical engineering is considered one of the best jobs for those seeking high-paying medical careers that don't require an advanced degree. Consider the following health care jobs that require only a bachelor's degree. Medical Perfusionist - $127,600 3. Many students choose to work while completing their degree online. If you watch any medical drama, you're likely familiar with characters undergoing surgery that requires them to be ... 2. Hospital careers are rewarding, exciting, and typically pay well -- and many only require you to have an associate’s degree or less. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a median salary of $57,420 for these positions. A dental assistant performs tasks such as taking and developing X-rays, preparing and sterilizing... 2. Most often, this aid comes in the form of grants or low interest loans. These technologists may also perform mammograms and X-rays. If you have an interest in technology, an attention to detail, physical stamina and an ability to multi-task, this may be the career for you. Degrees and Licensure The aging population in the US is requiring more healthcare professionals who specialize in nursing, as well as healthcare management. The good news is that there actually are several in-demand, medical field jobs that require only a “two-year” Associate’s degree or less. Salary median for this technical sales career is $58,380 per annum. Different types of certification available (SANE-A, SANE-P, etc). Entry-level positions have a median salary of $45,500 and a projected 12% job outlook from 2014-2024. Requiring skills in leadership, organization, communication and analysis, Medical and Health Services Manager positions will be in high demand over the next ten years. In order to become a nurse, you will need to study a degree in nursing which can be found at most universities. Ancillary Support Careers Alternative careers to adult nursing but in the same field include Children’s Nurse, District Nurse, Learning Disability Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Neonatal Nurse, Nursing Associate, Prison Nurse and Theatre Nurse. Medical Illustrators are often called on by physicians and medical schools to illustrate specific medical details and models used in teaching, lectures and journal publications. So it might surprise you to learn a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management may be all you need to land a job that pays six figures or more. The pay in health care career fields is often at or above that of other sectors for the bachelor’s educated professional. Dental Assistant. Analytical, math and communication skills are key, along with creativity and problem solving abilities are key elements in a Biomedical Engineer. Ask the admissions department about their accreditation, job placement rates for graduates, NCLEXRN pass rates (for nursing schools) and about financial aid opportunities. Be certain to verify through your state regulatory board if your degree will satisfy licensing requirements, if needed. Perfusionists monitor and correct the patient's status by administering various blood products to the patient, regulating different medications, and observing and controlling the patient's temperature during surgery. You might assume that you’d need a bachelor’s or at least an associate degree to get any job in health care. Working in hospitals, outpatient clinics or long term care facilities, Recreational Therapists average an annual $44,000 and the job prospects are strong at 12% over the next ten years. Certification and licensure requirements vary by state. Medical Perfusionist - $93,500. Voluntary certification through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). So, if you are looking for the highest paying jobs in the medical field, take a moment to read the following list. Cytotechnologists are scientists specializing determining the presence or absence of disease at a cellular level. The role of a Medical Perfusionist is to assist surgical teams during cardiac and pulmonary surgeries. Must be renewed every year. With a median salary of $56,730 and a 12% job growth expectation over ten years, Respiratory Therapy is a solid career choice for those interested in patient care. They create nutritional programs based on health needs of patients and work with physicians and nurses on supporting good patient outcomes through nutrition. Working in hospitals, outpatient diagnostic centers and medical and diagnostic centers, students trained in Nuclear Medical Technology can expect to earn upwards of $72,100 in this field with a 20% projected ten-year job growth. Take as an example, the spread of Ebola in 2015 or the annual influenza outbreaks. Professional and technical certifications available (AAHAM, CPAT/CCAT and CCT). Working in hospitals, outpatient diagnostic clinics and physicians offices, Radiologic and MRI Technologists work with physicians to provide diagnostic images used in patient care. Not required. With the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, strict compliance with guidelines and patient privacy are mandated. Sales Representatives are the initial point of contact and training between the companies, creating these new drugs and equipment, and hospitals, physicians and outpatient clinics. To investigate potential assistance, contact your school's Financial Aid Office. Technicians work in teams, under the supervision of scientists, using traditional laboratory equipment and computers to analyze and understand data. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is the minimum requirement to become a Clinical Trials Manager. is an advertising-supported site. Additionally, more states are seeking treatment options for offenders rather than jail time. Healthcare today requires more than just physician and nurses; but, a wide range of auxiliary and support professionals is required to meet quality patient care outcomes. 3. Recreational Therapists are specially trained to assess the individual needs of a patient to relearn skills lost as a result of a stroke, accident or other illness. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an annual salary of $56,170 for this profession. One of the jobs that you could get with a bachelor's degree in health care management is an entry-level management job such as a department manager. 3. Clinical Trial Manager - $99,094 6. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. You will be surprised at how many jobs in the medical field that pay well there are that don’t require a degree. A BSN is required along with specialization studies in gerontology, counseling and care management.