Anytime. Will try it out now. This really is one of the most simple projects there is. Secure one end of the flat elastic to the wrong side of the fabric, ¼” or more in from the overlocked hem (or the first pressed hem). Be sure to backstitch at the beginning, then stretch the elastic as you sew. First, fold the fabric in half by length, then again in half by width. If you are using standard 45"-wide fabric, cut pieces to the length needed, then sew together along the length. To make it easier to see, we demonstrated the cuts you’ll make to your fitted sheet on a piece of scrap paper. Top Fitted Sheet Step-by-Step Instructions. (As a shortcut, you can use a four-thread overlock so you don’t have to pull one of the needles and one spool off!). Perhaps because fitted sheets wear out faster than the flat ones, so we toss it out but keep the flat. Those deep fitted sheets worked great until mattress sizes started to change again. UK Manufactured bed sheets in luxury 200, 400 & 1000 thread counts. When you reach the starting point, overlap … The trick is using a fitted sheet one size down from your RV bed. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. I have made fitted sheets for the cradle and cots f... Apr 25, 2013 - This is for "missypuss" who wanted to know how to turn a flat sheet into a fitted sheet. 3. Try making sheets in a color that complements your crib or nursery, such as aqua and white if your nursery will feature these colors. Don’t sew it into a double layer, and don’t sew on the right side of the fabric. This whole process is not that hard but it takes time to measure properly, pin, and sew in the elastic band. I’m going to show you how to make a fitted sheet. Measure the width, length, and depth of the mattress. Enhance the bedscape on your platform bed with matching sheets, contrasting sheets or statement sheets you make yourself. If you prefer to only have elastic at the corners of the sheet, cut 4 pieces of elastic 10" long. Making your own fitted bed sheet permits you to be creative without putting strain on your budget. So it is crucial to know how to make a fitted sheet smaller. Each time you stop sewing, double check that your needle is down into the elastic and the fabric to keep everything in place. Was struggling and trying to figure it out by myself, This is a very good write up on this technique. A fitted sheet, or "bottom sheet" as it's often called, may be incredibly difficult to fold, but it is easy to sew. Pro Tip: If you’re using brand new flat sheets, pre-wash them before you cut. And it's actually really easy and it also makes it much easier getting into the storage underneath the bunks if the sheet fits nicely as opposed to a loose sheet just wrapped around a mattress. I used a sheet to line the roman shades I made in For a queen size flat sheet you will need no more than 5 metres of fitted sheet … That gives me two matching fitted sheets which is perfect for when you have bunk beds. Sewing. Need a flat sheet to match? Doing this keeps you from having to make another crib mattress sheet when the first one you make shrinks to an unusable size. How to Make a Fitted Sheet for a Platform Bed. New technology at NASA introduced memory foam to the marketplace. While these pockets are useful for larger mattresses, they can be too loose for standard mattress heights, coming undone no matter how you tuck them. For this tutorial, I wanted to use the left over linen saved after cutting out the fitted sheet for my Queen size bed (see here under Note). Measure the length, width and depth of the mattress. There are more homemade fitted sheets patterns available on the internet. I just made a new fitted sheet using one of the flat sheets. Mark those eight spots with your fabric marker or a pin. Longevity of your sheets can be increased by turning the remaining flat sheet into a fitted one.