The system will automatically send you an email to reset your password. Aqua Computer introduced high flow LT, high flow 2 and high flow Next coolant flow sensors. With an operating flow range of 0-500l/min and a compact body, FlowSonic HF is ideal for in-vehicle and lab-based coolant circulation measurement. Your vehicles engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) also known as coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is a small but important piece of kit. FlowSonic represents a breakthrough in ultrasonic flow measurement technology, using innovative digital processing techniques to measure ultrasonic time of flight with unprecedented accuracy. The thermostat is located between the engine and the radiator. FlowSonic HF is designed to measure high-volume flows of coolant and lubricant in all vehicle types. With an operating flow range of 0-500l/min and a compact body, FlowSonic HF is ideal for in-vehicle and lab-based coolant circulation measurement. 0.1 à 6 l/min, FLS-50 pour pression max. 0.02 à 2 l/min, FLS-6 pour pression max. FlowSonic can be easily installed within a vehicle’s engine bay. Si le flux de réfrigérant baisse, en raison de dépôts de copeaux par exemple, l'outil ou la pièce peut être endommagé(e), en produisant ainsi un rebut "non réusinable". SEN-FM18T10 Koolance's inline flow meters provide electronic indication of real-time coolant flow rate. Generally, it is located close within the proximal area or inside the thermostat of the cooling … In most vehicles, this is present behind the right cylinder head below the air intake pipe (If it is a V-engine). L'effet du réfrigérant est étroitement lié à l'importance du débit par minute. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! 1.4 à 140 l/min. Au cours de l'installation, il existe une flexibilité de positionnement du capteur à l'intérieur du système de conduits de la machine-outil. Where Is the Coolant Temperature Sensor Located? The account information you entered is incorrect or could not be verified. A coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is a small device that reads the cooling system’s coolant temperature by measuring and responding to changes in electrical resistance. FlowSonic HF is designed to measure high-volume flows of coolant and lubricant in all vehicle types. 3 à 150 l/min, FLS-150-350 pour pression max. AVANTAGES. 11) The Check Engine MIL may be illuminated and DTC P2B60 (Engine Coolant Flow Control Valve Position Sensor Circuit Performance) may be set. 0.5 à 50 l/min, FLS-60-400 pour pression max. 200 bars et débit réfrigérant max. I replace the Coolant Sensor, Radiator, Water Pump and Thermostat on the Chevrolet Colorado. The sensor is equipped with an optical flow indicator and audible alarm. FlowSonic facilitates easy reconciliation of laboratory and road test coolant circulation data, allowing engineers to understand how lab-based data translates to dynamic performance. Il est possible de raccorder des accessoires aux deux régulateurs aisément: une électrovanne de gestion de l'eau et une pour l'aération ou un capteur de niveau sont les plus utiles. It constantly coolant engine temperature information to the engine control unit and the temperature gauge. Le réfrigérant est un liquide utilisé pour empêcher que la pièce ou l'outil surchauffe (détérioration/destruction de l'outil, de la pièce ou des deux) pendant les opérations de coupe. SAVE UP TO 30% FROM RETAIL PRICES ON A GENUINE HERKO AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE SENSOR ECT307. Replace Faulty Engine Temperature Sensor. FlowSonic HF Coolant Flow Meter. Using a funnel, slowly fill the radiator surge tank with 1.6 liters (1.7 quarts) of coolant to fill the lower surge tank chamber. Détection de fuites, montage et essais non destructifs, Secteur médical et pharmaceutique – Emballage, Capacité de mesure de très faibles variations de volume (exemple – réfrigérant à travers outil de petit diamètre (<3 mm) of deep hole drills, Intégration aux systèmes de surveillance de processus et outil Artis CTM (CFM-4) et GENIOR MODULAR (GEM, Grande variété de possibilités de débits et pressions, FLS-2 pour pression max. FlowSonic brings lab-standard accuracy and stability to road testing, featuring a class-leading 500:1 turndown ratio, and 2kHz measurement rate for precision transient flow data. Sentronics’ technology makes it possible for the first time to use the same device on the bench and on the road, providing lab-grade measurement accuracy in a package small and light enough to fit within an engine bay without affecting vehicle dynamics. Direct Fit Application, Check Fitment Chart. Pour outils à petits diamètres ( 3 mm) such as those used in deep hole drilling, the measuring of the coolant flow is a very reliable method to detect tool breakage or even wear. FlowSonic incorporates all the necessary flow conditioning within its compact body, eliminating any need for lengthy pipework as part of the installation. G 1/4 BSPP fitting threads, and primary materials are nickel-plated brass and acrylic. All rights reserved. With tightening worldwide emissions standards for passenger and commercial vehicles, understanding and optimising engine coolant circulation performance is vital. It is unaffected by mounting orientation and maintains measurement performance when subjected to pulsed flow, vibration and changes in temperature. Unable to send recovery password email. View Product. The older Next model costs 69.90 euros. Please enter your email to reset your forgotten password and set a new one. 0.3 à 60 l/min, FLS-150-100 pour pression max. If you are not yet registered, you may do it now: it is free!Click here! Coolant flow rate and temperature monitoring for liquid-cooled systems, communicated over USB » Connects flow sensor directly to a computer via standard USB port » Electronics and paired flow sensor are powered by USB port—no auxiliary power supply needed! Developed specifically for in-vehicle fluid flow measurement, FlowSonic is a compact coolant flow meter offering laboratory-grade measurement precision in a ‘plug and play’ package that can be installed in minutes.