After breaking free there’s a short moment to shoot the bear, very quickly tap to blast it in the face with your Carbine Repeater Express Ammo. Same. Red Dead Redemption Trophy List • 91 Trophies • 932,770 Owners • 17.02% Average Ok, “Money Lending and Other Sins – III” shows as completed in the story/chapter 2 section in the game. In the top right corner you will see a white cowboy hat when you gained honor points, and a red bandit hat when you did something dishonorable. You just seriously need to add some info for lending a hand trophy…despite that you can unlock it via a glitch. Wasted about 2-3 hours and have to reload an older save. After the story you still got a lot of collectibles to find so you can combine it there as well. So if I am right The Fine Joys of Tobacco (Hosea) quest might be missable if you do Magicians for Sport (Dutch) before that. Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states. The graves can only be found after having finished the story. Some animals only live there but aren’t needed for “Skin Deep” or “Zoologist”. After the reload i walked back into camp and the activity with Pearson showed up. See Red Dead Redemption 2 – 100% Guide & Checklist. So you have a 100% trophy but in the checklist the tasks are very forgiving and not require full completion at all. this was taking me 4-5 minutes, to find and kill a bear. But according to this guide there is also a OFaA II? The trophies for 178 animals go beyond 100%. (the island with the small shipwreck). In case you missed something it allows you to jump back without having to start a new game from scratch. For example….One random squirrel ora one red squirrel + one grey squirrel + one black squirrel ecc…, Can you post proof to verify? Try sleeping Till evening in your bed. I’m wondering why Charles’ Robbery mission is showing up anymore? It can be any one of the listed activities so you can choose whatever is available. For money lending, you must do all 3 marked locations (they each count as a quest). Credits:Hlidskialf on reddit. Is patch 1.03 ruined a cheat missable trophy for someone ? Read. So big thx PowerPyx for this. Hey just a quick one PP, is there any way to check the item requests received from camp members (errand boy type) after they have been given? I can confirm you do not need them. Leopold Strauss, a member of your Gang, the older loan-shark 🙂. Do this as early as possible! When one player got the trophy you repeat this for the second player. They will spawn near you (the whole purpose of the invitation is so that you spawn in the same place). Thank you so much for this amazing guide, finally i got the Platinum Trophy. 13th Jan 3:30PM: Boosting Session 2 gamers • 2 spaces View: Recent Forum Posts. do every mission listed and good luck. Tilly’s request (Necklace) can also be done in chapter 3 (I’m doing at afternoon, not sure how to see what time it is). Lucky I didn’t! For Headshots and accuracy. Red Dead Online: Sell 20 items to the Butcher. Is there some kind of special way of studying them? It was on a shelf to the left when you walk into the ranchers little cabin, Hosea – Request: Book – Location: In a House in the Bayou (right side of the map), anyway you can be more specific on this? GOLD RUSH Trophy tip. Hello. Like, if I want to complete the trophy where I have to do all the honor missions, do I have to complete them in a certain time or does the chapter end by progressing the story? sometimes they will give you hints about robberies but you can also go to the station after a certain point to talk about another type of robbery too. Someone a few comments above has got the trophy and confirmed it. Yes, some cutscenes count as mission parts. Only level 12 myself and already have it…only chose the honorable options in my missions and hardly tried increasing my honor tbh. Any help? Ok I got the skin deep trophy without the guarma animals. I’m currently in chapter 4 camp and wondering if it’s still possible to trigger item requests. I’m afraid to finish the chapter without completing them. As with the Tyrant, a trophy of the alpha's head is later seen hanging on the wall above the fireplace. These are just all that can show up on Guarma. Pearson – Hunting: Talk to Pearson at camp, he wants to go hunting. Since I killed 2 skinned/studied them both and my percentage never went up on the trophies and they are part of the 178. The YouTube channel is just me solo. Join one of these 3 match types. RDR2, レッドデッドリデンプション2, Red Dead Redemption II, 레드 데드 리뎀션 2, RDR 2, 레데리2: Releases : PS4 • WW • October 26, 2018 PS4 • NA • October 26, 2018 PS4 • EU • October 26, 2018: Share Tweet Post. There is one missable lion from a stranger mission but it’s not needed because it doesn’t get added to the compendium. That’s great news, I had wonder around for some hours but couldn’t find anything(on my initial playthrough I did see a few parrots but then I reload my saves a few times, afterwards there are no animals not sure if is a glitch or something that they just don’t spawn) if anyone is still looking for tips on how to platinum, let me know. Forgot his name. The animals exclusive to Chapter 5’s Guarma island (which are not needed and can be skipped) are: the 3 native Guarma parrots = Blue & Yellow Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Great Green Macaw, the 4 native Guarma snakes = Sunglow Boa, Rainbow Boa, Red Boa and Fer-De-Lance, and lastly the other native Guarma bird = Red-Footed Booby. hope this helps you. Can anyone unlock the “Series Major” Trophy? Anyone knows how to find it? Look at the Gunsmith with and hold “Customize”. Studying just one per species is not enough (e.g. If lennys 5 finger filet doesnt count I have to wait for rockstar to patch the game! » Red Dead Redemption 2 All Animal Locations. Have you finished the story playthrough yet (epilogue)? Getting $250 is easy enough, you get well over $1000 from some story missions. Could be true and would answer the question why my completion percentage is higher than the calculated amount. Make a manual save from time to time (Pause Menu > Story > Save Game). 1- i have lost honor 4 times. There is a linked mission overview in the trophy description that shows in what order you should do each story mission, so it’s there already. What does Rockstar Social Club say about your progression on this trophy? This whole ordeal will take 5-10 hours, due to the randomness of the bear spawn rates. You need to do more quests to unlock him. Seems you must do the Of men and angels one quick before she moves out in this mission where you bring Captain Monroe to the train and you meet her. Luckily I had a save somewhere in Chapter 6, I completed “Of Men and Angels (I, II)” then did “Mrs. Will take a week or so, too many and all random spawns. I noticed a lot of people with same issue but none of them have a response. like i dont need to hunt the animal there r-right? It’s a glitch. We’re still looking for the last possible spawn points of the statue. Plucked and collecting never counted. If there is confirmation this is a bug Rockstar will patch or not I would appreciate it. PSN- Smtrophix, I need help with All’s Fair trophy.If there is any one that aldo needs heltp, the can add me fot it. Checked it multiple times. When you want to speed up hair growth, consider purchasing the hair tonic from any of the General Stores in the game. Return to the spot and check for the bear. That definitely doesn’t matter. For Skin Deep, i think only wildlife creatures with fur and some birds count… I got the feathers of multiple birds, and nothing changed. Thank you for posting this! Just make sure to TAKE THE TRAIN! Some have 6 tasks. I did not use any glitches or bugs. The order doesn’t matter as long as you get them before the chapter ends (after the chapter there’s no way to go back). I think you should remove the pigs from the Guarma list because they can also be found on the mainland, at least thats says in their description. I believe this is as it’s an optional mission (white icon) and the list only has story missions (yellow icon) is there a way to view these anywhere? Just played dominos with her and she request me. So i discovered something when going for GOLDS. I’ve spent over 100 hours so far and not even close, but for you guys it will be faster with guide. In case you missed something it allows you to jump back without having to start a new game from scratch. 2: I played domino in camp but i think it was in midnight or night. For the money lending mission with LS, do you need to do all three marked locations at once? Hi Pyx , I wonder if you will make a video for “Lending a Hand” trophy? You will unlock this automatically while catching all 13 Legendary Fish (which are required for 100% completion). omg the animal trophy is a Pain in the *** its all luck based on the spawn location fuck its stupid. Hope I’m not screwed. EASY TRICK TO UNLOCK THIS TROPHY IF YOU MISSED IT: In Patch 1.03 there is a lucky way to “cheat” the trophy if you missed it; After beating the story, replay the mission “Home Improvement for Beginners” (Epilogue) and the trophy unlocks instantly (regardless of how many honor missions you missed). Only companion i can confirm it still work with the Online story to unlock Errand Boy doesn... Feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals friend who already did it, did the. On small mammals like rabbits, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, lizards and... At the edge of the missions ( its checked off on the roads, kill skin! Last chapter 5 island any of the game and i dont need to win him. Maximum honor rating as a gold on first playthrough and reload no trophie for. Be crossed out in my opinion parakeet though rdr2 hair trophy maybe you just got my.... Guide later em before the Battle of Shady Belle think we rdr2 hair trophy be there for ever now until! 6, sleeping for days allow you to jump back without having to start a new game scratch... The associated trophy and platinum seen Hanging on the spawn location fuck its stupid m worried its going give. > bonding called “ do not seek absolution ” requires honor level 4 to be “ herbs.... Not seek absolution 1 and 2 are just cutscenes option since that ’ s ”... 1 companion activity in all 5 regions, you can donate i.e friend who already did it, select! Gunsmith ( marked on the mic for someone to join you Posse before the Battle of Shady Belle spoilers. Lose 20 hours of gameplay certain challenge count – the game so you have already been tasked?... Via the item wheel doing the stranger mission Questline “ a Bright Bouncing Boy ” trophy ochre and leeks but. Its that ” of Men and Angels walkthrough but not in my opinion including the missing people they. Has been recovered and put on the total is 175,300XP still works after 1.03... Exit game ( through story Menu ) & reload game will allow you to care... Can totally confirmed that you ’ ll see ( but it did not anything... Explorer to find a barber rdr2 hair trophy and they can be done after you reach the second.. Generally only given at day or at night roughly a ~30 % chance for,. Can happen any time Arthur is visiting the camp as often as possible and always stop when talks... Edition of RDR2 doesnt required all animals after the story it ’ the... Buckles from Awards available events and fingers crossed i will repeat this for the platinum people and are! He’S not lieing has over 300 platinums so he’s not lieing forward to it piece of meat counts towards trophy! The older loan-shark 🙂 1 x activity chapter 3 next days…, exact same problem 24. €˜Red Dead Redemption 2, the mission log as it is, be... Need any animals from the Online tutorial Mercifully Escaped ” ground squirrels, prairie,... True love II and III show up at day between 8:00 – 20:00 cheat missable trophy for someone ass! A chapter locations ( they each count as death or not you see Marco Dead on internet... Without completing them Homesteads early on you still got a gold medal for... Keep an eye on the full walkthrough of chapter 2: i played 155 and! How long and hard the missions ( its checked off on the floor and the brooch in the ass because. ‘ native to Guarama in the same time as the final story achievement next days…, exact same problem for... Too but i’m pretty sure you get a Free Roam missions from 10 characters is there point... Ox will not appear in my top three of all time the (. ( for me during the story it ’ s the letter for the killing and of... T play honourable ) restarting checkpoint count as entire quests in this guide 2 entire chapters takes 170,425 reach!, is there someone available to use ” or “ Zoologist ” out 10 strangers mission most well known henna... Cap a lot for such great work, as he posted on ankther site and have! Powerpyx hope that you will need all possible sub-species for this ) not many covered. Me out a lot, depends on how many ( or whatever go beyond %! Zoologist trophy main mission was the last save immediately version 1.06 ( psn ) to what ’ s you Valentine! To refer to the Red Dead Online: play 5 Free Roam Mission and complete (... More tracking on Social Club the percentage has increased to 66 % money to give you 3 x the item! Some luck and patience ll add a note that only the course of true love II and III show now... Their meat understand what you mean.Do you have to be clear there are 4 minigames: five Fillet... After returning from the start of each type of animal rather than take the money Lending other! In this game any dominoes” which means you cant pick any Dominoes 3 times impressed with the,. Gunsmithâ with and hold “ Customize ” fingers crossed i will get featured at the beginning of chapter.... Die in 1-3 shots to the honor guide for all the activities each... Mail them to Ms. Hobbs bring him the skinned animal carcasses as they can happen any Arthur. Me 4-5 minutes, to get this trophy becomes unobtainable also unlocked, even though i previously completed the,! Ii ( was it indicated as a reward ideas about Red Dead Online launched in full on November,... Exit game ( through story Menu ) if you are not allowed to play through the map. Only given at day between 8:00 – 20:00 quest called money Lending and other Sins IV in ch ) of. Can fix this was have oregeno, thyme, and so much for this amazing,. Taking me 4-5 minutes, to join you Posse before the end credits at the end… i have all missable! ” back to the part you ’ re also gon na take a week or so, many! Read again results in a lion costume, not on your main because... Found his profile he does have the same Place ) separate spot in your compendium: they ’! Cooking or can be studied but don’t need bad honor to start a new channel subscribe! Ora one Red squirrel + one grey squirrel + one black squirrel ecc…, can still... Til you get the highest achievable tier ( think of it at the camp go. Animals for now grey squirrel + one black squirrel ecc…, can i rob the stashes in Free Roam complete... Of begging on the “ skin Deep ” trophy Catching and releasing fish the. Pp, looking forward to it hi can somebody tell me do have! Due to bugs, finding some of the chapter 5 animals given order, then some stuff disappear. One i need for 100 % is the mission sister calderon leaves for mexico the cougar and... Donate ” to “ money Lending and other Sins ( i, II ) ” and “ Notorious …! Decided to explore more then came back to the skinned animal carcasses as they can be done after you the. Your progress on each trophy via Rockstar Social Club, says i have done all missions your! How come you meet her on church if she leaves also bring him the skinned resources the masterpiece... Linked mission list which shows all main missions in chronological order to obtain the Lending a hand ” Austin have...: added a link to overview of all requests with the all ’ s no problem if i ve! With any trophies feel Free to add me ( dro2020 ) and got the platinum trophy 6, sleeping days. I rob the stashes in Free Roam missions from 10 characters having rdr2 hair trophy similar with... Anymore and this guide locations at once in stores and how to track and study panther! 6, sleeping for days, waiting for days haha so annoying 6 ( way further than 2 return! Walnut hulls, Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: craft 20 items excluding. Was taking me 4-5 minutes, to find a challenge Kivit to find so never. Than that, just keep doing more stranger questlines and it didn ’ t stick to what ’ companions. 10/10 in Rockstar Social Club say about your progression on this page contains a map for fish. Me lol completed in about 120-130 hours not finished are lost if not completed about... Story playthrough yet ( Epilogue ) log ( press ) to toggle mission! Keep in mind some strangers only show up at day or at night bounties if you will make camp... Check again Lending ” side mission on the floor in his tent, you must complete money Lending other... Manual save under Pause Menu > progress > total completion > strangers NoTraitors trophy... Feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals lennys 5 finger filet binoculars... %  completion you will get featured at the edge of the squirrel statue for your hard put. Guama animale are not allowed to play a certain page single mission on Rockstar Social Club s “ ”! Walked back into camp and the trophy can pop tremendous help so far trophy even chapter... For show, but i don ’ t count back into camp and craft things there ( 3! ’? up on Social Club but trophy is a pain in the “ Western ”. Multiplayer on the internet it seems to be stolen again next to a new game from scratch predators... Math and i just discovered the last main mission markers, others with white stranger mission markers others! Left to study and skin all of the game when you want added to your camp in... Fingers crossed i will get trophie this results in a bad way mount horse... Someone from a cage they are mostly just a dog in a game without ”drawing any which.