Also there is a Dog Breed Selector and a lot information about dogs. For instance, the feist is a hunting dog raised in the Southern United States for hunting small game. The first dogs were certainly wolflike, but the phenotypic changes that coincided with the dog–wolf genetic divergence are not known. As a result, the large phenotypic variation across dog breeds can be studied through the analysis with only a small number of genetic markers.[14]. Assyrian dog Inscription-assyrian mastiff History-Pshdar dog-Assyrian Dog-Babylon dog.jpg 1,200 × 840; 457 KB Atoms For Peace Traveling Exhibit in Oak Ridge (7029174293).jpg 3,000 × 2,400; 909 KB Australian Shepherd Portrait.jpg 2,048 × 1,369; 215 KB [18], Of the basal breeds, the American Eskimo Dog and Eurasier were the very recent product of cross-breeding other basal breeds. In addition, most breed standards include a historical section, describing the place of origin and the original work done by the breed or its ancestor types. Sometimes they inbreed dogs who have the same close ancestors, and sometimes they mix dogs from very different ancestors or even from different breeds. These are names that dogs use for Dog Breeds.. Trending pages. … A breed is a specific group of domestic animals having homogeneous appearance (), homogeneous behavior, and/or other characteristics that distinguish it from other organisms of the same species.In literature, there exist several slightly deviating definitions. You can search trough all the breeds including pictures and … (There are hundreds, it's impossible to have a page on all of them.) This page was last changed on 19 December 2020, at 12:01. Feists have a consistent set of characteristics that reliably differentiate them from other dog types and breeds. For each breed they recognize, kennel clubs and breed registries usually maintain and publish a breed standard which is a written description of the ideal specimen of the breed. Browse our list of 220 dog breeds to find the perfect dog breed for you, and then find adoptable dogs and dog shelters close to you. There are over 340 dog breeds known throughout the world. Four varieties of the Belgian Shepherd Dog are recognised as four distinct breeds by the New Zealand Kennel Club. Similar breeds. [7] They became the guardians of their country's breed standards. Some people live by the motto “bigger is better,” and it extends to their dogs, too. Visit Animal Planet now to take the dog breed quiz and find out. The breed standard for each breed of dog is a detailed description of the appearance and behaviour of an idealized dog of that breed. : Alpine Mastiff Many different terms were used to describe dogs, such as breed, strain, type, kind, and variety. Breed categories. In 2004, a study looked at the microsatellites of 414 purebred dogs representing 85 breeds. It was first developed in Germany.They are often used as police dogs, but they have many other uses. The study identified 9 breeds that could be represented on the branches of a phylogenetic tree which grouped together with strong statistical support and could be separated from the other breeds with a modern European origin. Find the dog breed that is right for you. This continues today, resulting in hundreds of dog breeds, some that are similar to each other, and others that are very different. At death, the heads of the dogs had been carefully separated from their bodies by humans, probably for ceremonial reasons. The origins of dogs date back thousands of years, having evolved as domesticated descendants of the wolf, whereas modern dog breeds date back to the late 19th century. When distinguishing breed from type, the rule of thumb is that a breed always "breeds true". This is a list of dog breeds, including extant breeds and extinct breeds, varieties and types. Most of these breeds were developed within the last 200 years using only small numbers of founders. Pages in category "Dog Breeds" The following 106 pages are in this category, out of 106 total. This category is for domestic dog breeds. An individual dog is identified as a member of a breed through proof of ancestry, using genetic analysis or written records of ancestry. These included spitz-breeds, toy dogs, spaniels, Mastiff-like breeds, small terriers, retrievers, herding dogs, scent-hounds, and sight-hounds. They have been used as herding dogs, guard dogs, military dogs, eyes for the blind and as pets between others. The study found that there were three well-supported groups that were highly divergent and distinct from modern domestic dogs. [13], Domestic dogs are the most variable of mammals. If those other lineages were other basal breeds then a basal genetic signature remains. Here you find Dog Breeds from A to Z. See also: Dog type for information about the original types from which breeds were created. Name Image Notes Alaunt: Large running dogs used during the Middle Ages to seize and bring down game for the hunter to dispatch; they were described as having the body of a greyhound with a broad and short brachycephalic type head. In 2012, a study looked at 49,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms that gave a genome-wide coverage of 1,375 dogs representing 35 breeds, 19 wolves, and previous published genetic signatures of other breeds, giving a total of 121 breeds covered. These breeds can vary in size and weight from a 0.46 kg (1.0 lb) teacup poodle to a 90 kg (200 lb) giant mastiff. These breeds possess distinct traits related to morphology, which include body size, skull shape, tail phenotype, fur type, and coat colour. This breed in the 1600s was involved in dog fighting, which at the time was popular in Japan. [2], A dog breed will consistently produce the desirable physical traits, movement and temperament that were developed over decades of selective breeding. They also possess behavioral traits including herding, guarding, and hunting, in addition to personality traits such as aggression, boldness, or hypersocial behavior. A dog is a friend that never betrays the master. The dog breed, Akita, originated in the snowy and rural lands of Akita and Odate, mountainous regions of Japan. Recognized dog breeds are classified by groups, such as Hound, Terrier, Working, Herding, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Toy and Miscellaneous; some groups may be further subdivided by some registries. The common names of the dog are Welshie and WT. Breeds. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dog breeds. The Tibetan Spaniel is a breed of assertive, small, intelligent dogs originating over 2,500 years ago in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. [23] Further, some groups of dogs which clearly share a persistent set of characteristics and documented descent from a known foundation stock may still not be recognized by some clubs as breeds.