Tags Meaning .... Hyper Text Markup Language .... The head, or prologue, of the HTML document .... When the srcset attribute is set, the src files will be used as a “fallback” or “default” image. The idea is that there are other extension points for your use case (such as custom attributes in other namespaces (in XHTML), RDFa, Microdata, Meta tags, whatnot).. Together with SRCTec, our manufacturing subsidiary, we are redefining possible through innovation in science, technology and information — working for the best solution, not the bottom line. . There is not default value of HTML src attribute. If you are only going to provide a single source file format for the audio element, use the src attribute. If you wish to provide multiple source file formats, place two or more elements inside the

This is an example of HTML src attribute with script element.

The img src stands for image source, which is used to specify the source of an image in the HTML tag. Definition and Usage. Please note that sizes will have its effect only if widt… When a programmer types a sequence of C programming language statements into Windows Notepad, for example, and saves the sequence as a text file, the text file is said to contain the source code. Note: If your website or app is child directed and you embed YouTube videos, you must self designate your site and app using these tools. src vs. . Obviously this is not the case, and if you 'href' when your supposed to 'src' your gonna have a bad time. Find out what is the full meaning of SRC on Abbreviations.com! URI. This attribute is required when is used in