5 Massive Prehistoric Deer Species That Make Modern Deer Look Tiny Daniel Xu 10.27.15 If ancient hunters from the ice age were still alive … Southern Mule Deer take residence in Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties. Lisa Courtney on September 05, 2019: And the most famous deer of all, beside Rudolph? This makes them the smallest member of the North American deer family. The southern pudu fawn — the world’s smallest deer species — was born May 12 at the Queens Zoo. A male deer is called a buck and the female one is a doe. Typically they are between 21 to 47 inches at shoulder height. This tiny antelope is native to the Cape. Cape grysbok. The second species, which has the distinction of being the smallest deer in the world, was discovered near the town of Putao in northern Myanmar in 1999. Given their preference for thick forest they are very difficult to find. Inyo, Kern & Mono counties are prime habitat for the Inyo Mule Deer.. Burro Mule Deer habitat straddles the California-Arizona border, as the subspecies inhabits Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.. The smallest species of deer in the world, being 32 to 35 cm (13 to 14 in) tall at the shoulder and weighs 3.3 to 6 kg (7.3 to 13.2 lb). Cosette Henderson on October 20, 2019: My dad will have to buy a deer. The crossword clue 'Male species of small deer' published 1 time⁄s and has 1 unique answer⁄s on our system. Lost tiny deer-like species sighted in Vietnamese wild again after 3 decades Photographic evidence of the animal, known as Vietnam mouse-deer, has been captured for … Mature blue duiker can weigh around 7 kg and are only 35 centimetres in height. By Gregg L. Friedman MD. Muntjacs are small deer, and the antlers of the males are very short. Check out 'The Guardian Speedy' answers for TODAY! Check out this adorable photo of a pudu -- the world's smallest deer species -- that was born less than one month ago at the Queens Zoo in New … A Doe (female deer) weigh around 100 pounds while most bucks (the male ones) weigh between 150-175 pounds. 6. The smallest deer in the world are the two South American deer species (Northern and Southern Pudu deer) which belong to the genus Pudu. The fawn is still nursing but soon will be munching on leaves, grain, kale, carrots and hay. There is a Federally protected species of tiny deer that live on Big Pine Key near Key West. The antlers of the northern pudú grow to about 6 cm (2.4 in) long, also curving backward. Tufted deer (Elaphodus cephalophus): This near-threatened deer species is easily recognizable from all the rest because of its small size, grayish coat with a black tuft on the top of the head, and the male's fangs. The southern pudu is found in south-western Argentina and south Chile while the northern pudu is from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. The smallest of the species is the blue duiker, a rainforest specialist found throughout the Congo Basin. Its coat tends to be lighter than that of the southern pudú, but the face is … Named the miniature muntjac (M. putaoensis), or leaf deer, it weighs only 11 kg (about 24 pounds).