It merges natural and man made creations seamlessly. This wood and wire modern banister is a perfect accompaniment for the white on white staircase and slate wall. The unconventional lines provided by the wire draws the eye and stands out as truly unique while still providing support. 11 Creative Stair Railings That Are A Focal Point In These Modern Houses This creative metal stair railing has designs on it that make it resemble the look of the bark on the trees surrounding this home in the Pacific Northwest. The darkness of the rails here offset the white of the room perfectly, creating a nice equilibrium. Design by : Habitat Studio. This aluminum handrail for stairs is lightweight, blue collar, heavy duty, and makes a statement in any setting. These stairs in a Canadian home use wood, steel and glass to create a contemporary look. A wood and black iron stair railing have a timeless look. Railings are wonderful structures to run along stairs, decks, and other … This sets up nicely as a contrast against the white wall in the background with the same pattern. Modern Stair Railing Designs and Ideas For Your Home - Staircase & Balcony Railing PicturesA staircase railing is not just a safety feature. In other words, a stair railing that curves into the wall rather than ends at a 90-degree angle would be a more contemporary design. Modern design stairs railing nowadays are very innovative, if you own a staircase in your house, there are always different means of designing it. The metal is sleek and thin. Whether its a bar, glass, or cable system you have choices that accent any modern … This is a perfect touch to the bright sun room. Make sure your idea correlates with the design of the rest of … The warmth of the stained oak softens the dark black metal. It blends harmoniously without fading into the background. This design is clever with the lower half of the switchback design in natural wood and the upper half all white. Design ideas for a medium sized contemporary painted wood curved wood railing staircase in London with painted wood risers. The dark color wood and bright chrome are professional and a timeless combination. This streamlined railing design was constructed of inexpensive lumber stained dark gray. But with the right home they truly look spectacular. This home’s foyer with staircase has a wrought iron staircase railing with wood hand rails. The railing's short length requires only two posts to support its span from the starting stair to the upper wall. In addition, the overall staircase matches well with the peach yellow walls. Modern Here we have a metal on metal silver staircase. How to get rid of cooking smells in your house. In fact, there are many different designs, colors, and materials to choose from. The angular shape matches the squareness of the room. This is a minimalist design that works together with its elements. The dark glass and chrome are complementary pieces that lends a defining tone to this living room. See more ideas about railing design, stairs design, staircase design. The designs are absolute flawless and add a preimum touch…can you please tell the dimensions details of mahagony wood and stainless steel combo staircase railings..thank you, 19 Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas & Designs [PICTURES], How to clean faucet head? These railings are thick, glossy, and all black in color. The most common design themes are modern, contemporary and traditional/rustic. The rails certainly pairs well with the black door with translucent glass. The gold descending overlays striking against the dark metal of the steps is a nice touch. This is not a stairway that one sees every day. x 8' length. With these modern stair rails, stainless steel and mahogany wood are a balanced pairing. Modern Staircase Railing. A modern look like this is versatile enough to look like a classic as well. It … How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Stair Railing? There is no need to sacrifice structure for class. A beautiful modern staircase needs the right home.