Pry them off with a flathead screw driver. Replacing a toilet seat […] Seats get damaged or cracked, but most often the goal is to simply freshen up the look of the toilet. Put on goggles to protect your eyes; then insert the bit into the bottom of a stuck metal nut that you can't turn at the point at which it meets the bolt. I am not sure how to remove the screw fittings though, the only thing I can see are 2 small caps (left side circled red in 1st pic) which are difficult to dislodge. The plastic fasteners on modern toilet seats don't corrode. If you wish to swap the toilet seat out for a new one, you must remove the nuts from the ends of the bolts, so you can remove the bolts and the toilet seat itself. If they're covered with plastic caps, pop them off with your fingers or a flat screwdriver. Step 1: Open bolt caps: If your old toilet seat has bolt caps, you have to open those caps to find out bolts. Your toilet's seat has plastic nuts that attach to the bolts, which go through holes in the hinges on the toilet seat. When it comes to removing toilet seats, the big gun is a drill with a 1/4-inch drill bit. Basic Replacement Caps . At the back of the toilet seat, you will find two plastic caps covering the head of the mounting bolt. Some have polished chrome mountings. Modern toilet seats are attached to the toilet bowl by two plastic bolts and nuts. Hello folks, Trying to replace an existing toilet seat and cover as the screw fittings are pitted and corroding. 1. The problem is that I cannot get the 2 existing bungs and one stubborn machine screw out of the holes in the porcelain. This is how to remove the toilet seat: Behind the toilet seat hinges, look for protective caps that cover the toilet seat bolts. Replacing a toilet seat is quick and easy. Remove the two plastic nuts securing the plastic toilet seat bolts on the underside of the toilet bowl using an adjustable wrench. Method 1: General way to remove toilet seat. Use your screwdriver to remove them being gentle not to damage the toilet bowl. But most old toilet seats are held in place with metal bolts that tend to rust in place over time, making them impossible to remove with a wrench. That leaves just one option: cut the seat off with a hacksaw. The simplest type of replacement toilet bolt cap consists of a plastic cap that snaps onto a base washer. Drill a hole straight up through the inside edge of the nut. Remove the bolts from the toilet seat and then remove the toilet seat. Let us look at the steps for removing a soft close toilet seat with a bottom fixing mechanism. If you know how to replace a toilet seat, you can make a cosmetic improvement to your bathroom in just a few minutes. You can remove your toilet seat with three easy methods, where two steps are can help you immediately and third one is the precautions. Mayfair Toilet Seat Installation Instructions Use a screwdriver to lift the plastic caps protecting the bolts at the base of the toilet seat. I have the job of trying to remove the fittings for an existing soft-close, top-fix, toilet seat. To install this type of cap, you have to remove the nut and metal washer on the toilet bolt, slip on the new plastic base washer, then add … Locate the bolts that attach the toilet seat to the toilet at the back of the seat. You will find these at the back of the seat. The screw just goes round and round in the hole - it won't unscrew out and it won't tighten either, for that matter). First, protect the top of the toilet with strips of duct tape or thin cardboard.