i understand that nothing likes being alone but which breed is easily trained to not mind it? Some breeds don’t tolerate being left alone very well, so you would be wise to consider this when choosing a dog to share your life. Chow Chow. Because of this, they can become bored if they don't have much mental stimulation, such as when you’re away. In addition to being one of the best medium dog breeds, ... but they often don’t do well when left alone for extended periods of time,” says Willen. They’re sturdy and adaptable, so they’ll do well in almost home size, family type or climate. Check out dogs that hate being left alone: After 3000 people voting in my poll and a lot of questions in the comment section, I decided to make a table to provide a clear overview. The good thing, though, is they don’t shed, and they don’t drool. They do tend to have quite low energy levels, which can be good for being left alone during the day. They are not very active and will probably spend the day while sleeping. Pooches with this type of personality are eager learners and independent, and don’t rely on their owner to keep them company throughout the day. This could still be a pivotal period of your pup’s training, however, so think carefully before you start leaving them alone. My Dog Keeps Attacking My Other Dog (for No Reason)! The ancient Japanese Chin is a noble, intelligent, laid-back, and loving little dog breed. But being dogs that can be left alone is just one of pugs’ selling points. Like the Chihuahua, the cute little Maltese is often treated more like a child than a dog. Related Post: 10 Dog Breeds That Don't Tolerate Being Left Alone. To top things off, Poodles need just 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity each day. These stubborn dogs are hard to train, but they make up for that with their mild manners and affectionate nature. Dog breeds with low separation anxiety are the topic today.. Unfortunately, you can’t always be together. Bullmastiffs will also do well in fenced yards, but it is advisable to allow them to live in the home. Of course, if your older dog is prone to separation anxiety and howls the house down when you leave that won’t work, as they’ll teach the pup that this is the appropriate response to being left alone. Quite honestly, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you have enough quality time to spend with a canine. They also may not be completely housetrained, making it risky to leave them alone for long periods without a bathroom break. Dog Breeds That Don’t Mind Being Left Alone, Dog Breeds That Shouldn’t Be Left on Their Own. They can handle being left home alone while you're at work; leave the television on in one room and the radio in … My family was thinking of getting a dog, but me and my brother are at school and my mum and dad are at work most days. , Furbo owner Eva L. caught her big guy shamelessly cruising the kitchen counter, live and on camera. An intelligent, very active breed, fox terriers are not the best people pleasers. You can monitor your dog to see how they react to being alone, as well as get alerts that will tell you how much your dog barks when you’re not there. Some dogs may have too much energy and run around or destroy furniture. This depends on entirely on the breed of dog, but there are also a substantial number of other circumstances to consider. The lovely Australian Shepherd is an extremely intelligent dog that loves nothing more than working for you. Don’t do the same, and choose a dog that won’t be as sensitive as others to spending some alone time. Are there any breeds of dog that can be left alone while I'm at college and while my mom and her boyfriend are working? This list of 10 dog breeds that don’t tolerate being left alone is not an exhaustive list. Though this elegant dog loves to be in your lap, they also need lots of exercise and an outlet for their energy. We all know that dogs like company and need a lot of attention, but these 15 dog breeds really hate being left alone. Most Chihuahua’s don’t weigh more than three kilos, which is absolutely tiny. In many cases, dog lovers don’t know their pet is upset when they are left alone. The Border Collie. 9 Best "Home Alone" Dog Breeds, Secret Life of Dogs — 7 Things Dog Does When They Are Home Alone. This list of 10 dog breeds that don’t tolerate being left alone is not an exhaustive list. On the one hand, it can be great fun – you get double the playtimes, double the kisses, and cuddles, and perhaps…, Separation anxiety is something that takes a lot of first-time dog owners by surprise. If you leave them alone too long, too soon, however, you’ll break the bond of trust that is so important to your relationship. According to Psychology Today,…, Picture the scene. The dogs are friendly too, and they won’t mind being left alone in the home during the day. Why does my dog sleep with its head on my neck? We come home, and the dog has shredded our couch pillows, shoes, or worse. Generally, terrier dogs suffer from separation anxiety and can’t be left alone for too long. You have to work, and you are not among the lucky ones who can work from home or bring their pets to the office with them. These pups become easily attached to their owners and if they’re left alone or with strangers, Pomeranians can become aggressive or anxious. Not all dogs are clingy. As sociable creatures by nature,…, Whether you have bought a puppy or adopted a rescue dog, taking a dog to the park for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact, it’s hugely important that you do so from time to time. Some breeds bond very closely with their family and are more prone to worry or even panic when left alone by their owner. Get to know this breed, though, and you’ll see Lhasa Apsos proudly making sure their home is safe and sound. Single working females looking for a canine companion should consider any of the following breeds: As always, it also depends on the temperament of a particular dog and your living circumstances, but some of the breeds above could make for great companions. In fact, these pups are perfectly content to have a little time to themselves. How to Break a Dog's Separation Anxiety Quickly, 10 Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park for the First Time. It's got nothing to do with breeds; dogs are pack animals that prefer the company of people. “This lovable small dog does not require vigorous daily exercise,” Dr. Tripp continues. You’re not there!With Furbo, you don’t have to worry about missing this essential information. As a general rule, dogs should not be left alone without a toilet break for more than four hours. Generally, terrier dogs suffer from separation anxiety and can’t be left alone for too long. Because of their size, they do require more exercise and want to be entertained with a game of fetch. Although the Chihuahuas are quite large, they are very friendly. And finally, Poodles are okay being left alone for long durations. If you love dogs but have a full-time job, you want a breed that doesn’t mind being home alone.. However, this can also mean your pup suddenly has a partner in crime for wreaking havoc — it may not necessarily solve your problem. Puppies have immature brains and bladders, which means that they should not be left alone for any prolonged period of time, especially for the first six months or so of their life. These wrinkly dogs with somber expressions are easy to train and housebreak, and they don't mind being left alone for extended periods of time. Basset hounds can somewhat tolerate being left alone, but keep in mind that they howl a lot. Even if your dog is not considered an at-risk dog for separation anxiety, they still may not like being left alone. No loving pet owner likes to be away from their dog. If left alone too long, they may become anxious, aggressive or destructive. These dogs are famously relaxed – and some might say lazy. Here are 10 of the most independent cat breeds you could choose from. You may be thinking that there are dog breeds that should be left alone … The Boston Terrier, on the other hand, is super independent and very smart. Unfortunately, the toy poodle can become overly dependent on your presence and develop severe separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time. Not only can our furry friends not operate a TV remote with their paws or turn the pages of a doggy newspaper, but they are surrounded by littermates from the moment they are born. However, as the old saying goes, just because you can it doesn’t mean that you should. I just moved out of a roommate situation into a condo where I'm living alone for the first time. ... or that they will be content being left alone, or that they will be the best choice for a busy family household. This can not only be costly for you, but it’s also dangerous for the dog, as they might swallow something dangerous.There are many things you can do to help your dog cope with being left alone and avoid the problems that can arise. While it’s never a good idea to leave a dog alone for long periods of time, the fact that most of us have jobs means that we must either find a way to make it work or give up having a dog. Leaving your furbaby home alone can cause quite a few problems because many dogs suffer separation anxiety. In addition to being one of the best medium dog breeds, ... but they often don’t do well when left alone for extended periods of time,” says Willen. This is especially important to address, because our delicious food (like chocolate) may be poison to dogs. In addition to this, your dog could get themselves into all kinds of trouble if left alone and unsupervised for a weekend. The first thing to consider will always be your pet’s bladder. If you must leave your dog alone for 8 hours each day, take the following steps wherever possible: Just to re-iterate though, most dogs will not relish being left alone for such a prolonged period of time whatsoever. Photo Courtesy: Moment Collection/Getty Images Beware of one thing: Shar-Peis are known for disliking strangers and not being … Lhasa Apso . Many cane corsos get separation anxiety solely because they miss their owner and want to be with him every hour of the day. "Chows are one of the oldest dog breeds and throughout history they served as companions, haulers, guardians, and hunters," says McDevitt. There are many reasons why pugs and bulldogs should not be left alone at home. PetLab Review: How effective are these joint chews for dogs? #10. They absolutely hate to be alone. Most Comfortable Pet Travel Carriers for Dogs and Cats! However, since most dog owners have full time jobs, we have gathered a list of 20 intelligent and independent breeds who are totally fine on their own. Hence, due to such a nature, they make a great companion for humans who hardly have time due to work. But once you have established the rules, he will certainly follow them. They resemble the greyhound breed with the only major difference being that they are smaller in size. If your job is flexible, you may also be able to work from home part of the time or come home during lunch. If you love dogs but have a full-time job, you want a breed that doesn’t mind being home alone.. We've got tips to help change this behavior! A dog can typically hold their water for up to 12 hours, but that’s really an overnight thing while they’re asleep. After this, you can apply a one-hour-per-month rule; so, a seven-month-old pup can theoretically be left alone for 7 hours, etc. Without company, he may become anxious, destructive or noisy. Does anybody know any dogs that don't shed and won't get distressed if it is left alone? If you’re considering getting a dog but know your future pooch will have to spend some time alone, it’s important to do your homework first. It may be easier to leave a puppy alone if you have another, older dog in the home that gets along with the little critter, as puppies tend to take their cues from a senior-ranking canine. In addition to these 10 dogs breeds that hate being alone, some canines that shouldn't be alone are that way because of their particular temperament. On first glance, you’ll just see a fluffy lap dog. These are just four of many dog breeds to consider when you’re looking for a forever companion who doesn’t mind staying home alone. Have you ever been baffled by how your pup got into the garage, or maybe that one special room you try to keep extra nice for company? Some dog lovers also choose to keep their dogs in a kennel while they are away. Of course, most dogs can learn to tolerate your absence, but these dogs are perfect for people with hectic schedules. As a result, the breed is very agile and speedy. That’s hardly surprising, in many respects. They’re very vocal and reserved around strangers. This sweet little ball of fur is affectionate and will bond strongly with you. Not all dogs will have a meltdown when they’re left alone in the home, however. If you are likely to be away from home a lot, even if it’s just for working hours each day, think twice before adopting or purchasing one of these breeds: There are exceptions to every rule. Take a look at which dog breeds better tolerate staying alone. Crate training may help in this instance. Not all dogs will have a meltdown when they’re left alone in the home, however. We sometimes recommend products we love. This may be an inconvenience, but ultimately it’s all part of the commitment that you took on when you decided to introduce a dog for your family. In an ideal world, dog owners are home 24/7 to play with their furry friends. They can handle being left home alone while you're at work; leave the television on in one room and the radio in another, so the house sounds occuppied. How to Stop My Dog from Eating Poop Naturally. Despite their intimidating size, they're extremely affectionate, eager to please and devoted to their owners. Until you have forged…, Many dog experts believe that sleeping arrangements are an occasion where humans and dogs should keep their lives separate. Are you looking for the best dog breed to be left alone at home? Bichon Frise dogs also adapt to apartment living well, and they can thrive in the care of novice owners. You really, really shouldn’t. For dogs that can't be alone, being left … Leaving them alone can cause an undue amount of stress — in severe cases, they can actually become self-destructive if left alone for too long. Dog Breeds to Be Left Alone At Home. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Despite being good companions, Plotts don’t mind being left alone for hours. You have lovingly prepared a home-cooked meal for your dog, ensuring that every single nutrient that your pet could need is present. Like a small greyhound, Italian greyhounds were bred to run and hunt. Photo: Fran__ 4. Dog breeds that can be left alone for long periods include Labrador and Golden Retriever, Beagle, How to Choose the Perfect Pet Carrier for Your Dog. When they're left alone for longer periods of time, the side effects of separation anxiety kick in rather quickly, and they struggle to fill the dull moments in a day. 10 Dog Breeds That Can't Tolerate Being Left Alone. It’s happened to most of us. After all, how can you know if your dog is barking or showing signs of anxiety while you’re gone? Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! These breeds tolerate being alone because their temperaments lean towards the laid-back side, provided they receive abundant exercise, play, and attention from their people during together time.