It’s a wonderful color for a dark room, too and really pops against white trim. Paint colors should ALWAYS be tested before committing. Not dark, just not white. If your room has little natural light – or colder light in the case of a northern exposure room – adding white to the walls will only make your room feel flat, since there’s not enough light to bounce off it to begin with. Tuscan Glade 6 or Maraschino Mocha 6. "I love 'Green Smoke' in a smaller, dimmer space because dark colors actually accentuate these rooms and make them much more appealing," says Tali Roth. In contrast, a room with black walls will absorb the light so no light will bounce around. Try this deep forest green hue in a dark room like an office with built-in bookcases, or a kitchen with low natural light. Start by testing colors at home to see how the color choices respond to the changing light in a space and how well they work with a room's features. Do you want your room to feel like and airy or with lots of personality and drama? If you are wondering if the rule applies to bright rooms – not being dark, it doesn’t. But it’s really soft, airy and very beautiful! “Paint Colors! If you want a more traditional take on your white paint colors for your living room, Arcade White by Sherwin Williams is the color for you. Sometimes working with what you got is easier that fighting it. I repainted it one of my favorite light grays, Paper White, which has just enough warmth to stop it falling flat, while still giving that bright, crisp look that I wanted. "When choosing a paint color for your home, it's important to take into consideration the architecture, the purpose, the shape, the direction of a room, and the light, as they will contribute to the changing appearance of colors," explains Charlie Cosby, head of creative at Farrow & Ball. What Colors Work Best in a Low Light Room To Make it Brighter? This may make your room feel very cold. Contrary to what most people think, white is usually a poor paint color choice for north facing rooms. Top 5 Posts of 2018. If you want more drama, more personality, more pop to your walls, then a darker, more saturated color will be want you want. If your room is basement or just doesn’t have much natural light coming in because of too few windows, feel free to play around with bluer toned grays. A beautiful creamy white that doesn’t disappoint. White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore For a true, classic white paint color, try White Dove from Benjamin Moore. Whether you prefer a cozy, shabby chic aesthetic or a traditional, vintage vibe in your room, this color looks amazing with hardwood floors, wrought-iron fixtures, and … I used Collonade Gray on our patio this past summer and instantly fell in love. It’s really popular for a reason. It has more yellow in it without appearing yellow but is still wonderfully warm and bright. We don’t have a recent photo of a room painted in White Dove, but I just painted my living room in the creamy white (which you’ll be seeing next month if all goes according to plan–UPDATE: you can see my living room here). We think this dark, grayed-out brown would create a quaint, cozy vibe in a library or TV room. Bonnie: Dulux White on White™ is perfect for the home's modern spaces, like the kitchen – To add warmth and texture to the space, style with timbers, blush-toned furniture, flowers and greenery. Lucky for you, we've done the legwork by asking the country's best designers for their top picks. SW Creamy is like the name says, creamy. It’s a Western Exposure room, so it’s cold throughout most of the day save for a couple of hours of sunshine in the late afternoon. Ready to see your Like…it’s white, but not white. There are so many to choose from—over 900 shades of white alone," says Brigette Romanek of Romanek Design Studio. "It's saturated without being too dark and moody. Pair it with dark gray or black accents for an energizing, high-contrast look. Which paints? Yes! However, lighter colors do not always mean white paint! "Our go-to living room paint color, Benjamin Moore White Dove, is a warm white that perfectly complements the fresh pastel colors of this feminine space, creating a calm and welcoming room for entertaining. A good example of this is my master bedroom. So if you’re planning to paint a dark or north-facing space in a bold shade, keep the rest of the scheme simple for a clean contrast. If you're feeling adventurous, try a deep plum like this Prince color from paint startup Clare. This plum tone would look fantastic in a small moody space like a kids' bedroom or a dark hallway. Is the light blocked by hills or buildings outside the window. Here you can see the before and after. Share it with your friends! Works in almost any space. Sherwin Williams Alabaster; Sherwin Williams Creamy; Benjamin Moore Simply White; Benjamin Moore Navajo White; Neutral Paint Colors. Just keep in mind that in a darker room, or one with cooler light, blue undertones will become very apparent. Below, design experts weigh in on the best paint colors for dark rooms—and you may just notice a trend. While you can do just about anything in your living room with paint, Calderone says she usually reaches for a classic white… These are the best paint colors for low-light rooms. In these spaces, we would advise you to use strong color and embrace what nature has given.