["slug"]=> ["description"]=> int(0) ["description"]=> int(35) ["parent"]=> int(0) int(0) [58]=> ["description"]=> Read more OMA is led by eight partners – Rem Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon, Reinier de Graaf, Shohei Shigematsu, Iyad Alsaka, Chris van Duijn, Jason Long, and Managing Partner-Architect David Gianotten – and maintains offices in Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Doha, Dubai and Sydney. int(179) ["filter"]=> ["term_group"]=> [68]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(0) "" } string(3) "raw" ["filter"]=> int(187) int(0) } string(9) "#AROxECFS" int(127) int(27) [60]=> string(9) "#Addition" string(0) "" int(19) ["count"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> [96]=> int(112) int(149) ["slug"]=> int(0) string(23) "posthumouscollaboration" int(2) int(11) ["name"]=> ["term_group"]=> string(10) "aroxmotown" ["name"]=> int(0) string(8) "post_tag" ["filter"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["description"]=> int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> ["slug"]=> ["name"]=> ["slug"]=> ["parent"]=> int(210) ["count"]=> string(73) "November 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of Architecture Research Office" } } ["count"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_id"]=> int(151) string(9) "#Brooklyn" string(3) "raw" string(3) "raw" 4,014 Followers, 200 Following, 272 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Architecture Research Office (@architecture.research.office) int(3) Office Berlin: Pohlstr. int(100) int(164) ["filter"]=> ["description"]=> ["parent"]=> string(8) "post_tag" int(131) int(0) ["term_group"]=> int(1) ["term_group"]=> string(0) "" string(8) "post_tag" string(12) "#AROxKnollSF" ["term_group"]=> ["count"]=> int(0) object(WP_Term)#2693 (10) { Read all our research stories. ["parent"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["slug"]=> ["parent"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> Time to apply, buddy! ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> [110]=> } read more . string(5) "light" } int(2) string(9) "#AROxJudd" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(6) "#Color" ["description"]=> string(10) "#AROxUSACE" ["term_group"]=> int(16) int(1) architecture on designboom surveys the contemporary condition of the built environment, showcasing a range of innovative projects. ["filter"]=> ["description"]=> int(0) It is led by Michele De Lucchi, one of... Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517), è il nome con cui 5+1AA ha modificato la sua denominazione. Office building creative symbol concept. } ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(9) "firmaward" string(3) "raw" int(1) ["count"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(8) "post_tag" string(8) "post_tag" string(3) "raw" } [91]=> int(0) ["filter"]=> object(WP_Term)#2683 (10) { string(8) "aroxbeex" string(5) "press" object(WP_Term)#2680 (10) { ["parent"]=> string(0) "" string(5) "color" int(0) ["filter"]=> int(9) int(2) ["name"]=> What is the sound of terra cotta, and can we manipulate it to enhance the experience of a space? int(0) ["count"]=> ["name"]=> ["count"]=> object(WP_Term)#2607 (10) { ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(0) "" int(2) ["parent"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["parent"]=> int(184) int(0) string(16) "#AROxFleaTheater" ["term_id"]=> ["name"]=> object(WP_Term)#2595 (10) { ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> int(15) string(0) "" object(WP_Term)#2600 (10) { object(WP_Term)#2629 (10) { ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" Here are the top architectural business logos you should visit for inspiration. ["description"]=> ["parent"]=> ["count"]=> ["slug"]=> ["description"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office is an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China with an additional office in London, UK. ["term_id"]=> Fachbereichsräte. ["slug"]=> [63]=> ["description"]=> int(0) ["term_group"]=> object(WP_Term)#2589 (10) { int(10) string(3) "raw" object(WP_Term)#2581 (10) { ["term_group"]=> ["slug"]=> } int(26) ["term_id"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["term_group"]=> ["description"]=> } ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["description"]=> int(0) ["slug"]=> ["term_group"]=> string(3) "raw" ["name"]=> ["term_group"]=> You know how much precision is involved in architecture design. object(WP_Term)#2677 (10) { int(55) string(5) "covid" string(10) "aroxnycdot" ["count"]=> ["description"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["term_id"]=> int(0) int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> string(5) "music" ["parent"]=> int(0) ["count"]=> [117]=> string(17) "#AROxLakesideHome" ["term_id"]=> ["parent"]=> ["description"]=> string(3) "raw" [57]=> [76]=> int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["count"]=> ["parent"]=> ["count"]=> int(188) string(11) "aroxharvard" ["count"]=> ["slug"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["term_group"]=> int(0) string(4) "dorm" int(86) int(0) int(0) [55]=> string(3) "raw" ["term_group"]=> string(0) "" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" ["count"]=> string(16) "25th-anniversary" string(3) "raw" string(0) "" ["slug"]=> int(114) int(0) ["parent"]=> Close. string(3) "raw" int(0) ["name"]=> } ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> object(WP_Term)#2685 (10) { ["term_id"]=> int(1) int(141) ["slug"]=> string(14) "#AROxPrinceton" int(151) } ["filter"]=> object(WP_Term)#2603 (10) { ["term_id"]=> string(7) "aroxnyu" ["slug"]=> Let's build a more just and equitable world. object(WP_Term)#2686 (10) { int(21) ["description"]=> int(3) ["parent"]=> string(6) "museum" int(79) ["taxonomy"]=> ["count"]=> ["slug"]=> int(124) ["taxonomy"]=> The new group carries forward a strong lineage of PLP’s decade-long work in driving research-based innovation in architecture and urban design. string(5) "parks" ["slug"]=> ["name"]=> } string(0) "" ["term_id"]=> int(14) [10]=> int(0) [89]=> ["description"]=> int(0) string(0) "" string(10) "leadership" string(8) "post_tag" AiR consists of a series of debates with the central theme “Re-thinking the divide”. ["filter"]=> string(0) "" ["taxonomy"]=> object(WP_Term)#2666 (10) { ["term_group"]=> ["name"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["name"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(6) "facade" ["name"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["slug"]=> string(5) "boats" [87]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["slug"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> In close collaboration the 3 principal... Find out all projects and works designed by Tadao Ando Architect & Associates on Archilovers. } string(5) "#Work" int(189) ["count"]=> string(0) "" HENN is an international architectural office, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. string(0) "" [25]=> [37]=> int(36) string(8) "grooming" [9]=> int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> ["slug"]=> string(16) "aroxscenichudson" int(76) ["slug"]=> int(1) int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> object(WP_Term)#2646 (10) { string(8) "post_tag" [43]=> object(WP_Term)#2586 (10) { ["slug"]=> ["term_group"]=> [118]=> ["filter"]=> int(177) Neri&Hu works internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services. ["term_group"]=> ["description"]=> int(142) string(20) "aroxcalvinkleinparis" Inspiring ideas for architecture logos — Architect logos that measure twice and design once. string(3) "raw" ["term_group"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["description"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(206) int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> string(0) "" string(8) "post_tag" int(0) [50]=> ["filter"]=> string(0) "" ["filter"]=> ["name"]=> object(WP_Term)#2636 (10) { [24]=> int(212) int(0) int(0) ["parent"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> int(0) ["parent"]=> int(4) The design will convey your business message to the target audience. int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["count"]=> int(63) string(12) "#Residential" 950 projects 44 countries 400 staff 55 nations Welcome to the interactive archive of Zaha Hadid Architects. int(3) object(WP_Term)#2596 (10) { string(11) "#AROxRHouse" ["parent"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["term_group"]=> ["parent"]=> int(6) string(0) "" ["name"]=> string(3) "raw" int(1) ["description"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(0) "" ["parent"]=> int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> int(1) int(0) int(115) int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["description"]=> ["description"]=> ["count"]=> string(6) "#Music" ["term_id"]=> ["term_id"]=> object(WP_Term)#2689 (10) { ["count"]=> object(WP_Term)#2670 (10) { [79]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["name"]=> ["count"]=> Terra Cotta Soundscape. ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> } ["term_group"]=> } int(86) [109]=> ["count"]=> int(179) string(3) "raw" int(4) string(6) "#Light" object(WP_Term)#2651 (10) { ["parent"]=> int(207) string(7) "texture" ["term_group"]=> [72]=> ["taxonomy"]=> string(3) "raw" ["description"]=> ["parent"]=> } int(182) ["name"]=> [85]=> string(16) "aroxknollhouston" ["taxonomy"]=> int(58) string(9) "aroxprada" ["count"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["term_group"]=> string(8) "post_tag" int(2) int(140) } ["name"]=> ["slug"]=> string(7) "pattern" ["slug"]=> Digital Architecture Research Centre (DARC) Find out more about our newest research centre. HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. ["term_group"]=> ["filter"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["filter"]=> ["filter"]=> ["filter"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> [42]=> string(0) "" string(0) "" string(9) "#TheBronx" int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(121) [0]=> ["slug"]=> Browse the complete collection of photos, drawings and design portfolio. int(11) string(3) "raw" int(0) string(9) "#Grooming" ["parent"]=> string(3) "raw" int(0) string(8) "post_tag" [17]=> int(0) Architecture is a very creative form of business and it is only natural that the logo of your architectural company is creative and unique as well. ["term_group"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_id"]=> } It develops speculative and projective urban scenarios through sponsored design research projects. string(3) "raw" string(8) "post_tag" ["description"]=> string(3) "raw" ["description"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["name"]=> ["parent"]=> object(WP_Term)#2645 (10) { int(210) int(5) ["filter"]=> int(37) ["count"]=> string(9) "landscape" ["filter"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["description"]=> string(11) "#AROxRothko" string(0) "" string(0) "" ["description"]=> int(63) int(98) ["name"]=> int(0) } string(8) "#AROxGSA" string(8) "strategy" int(156) string(15) "#StephenCassell" int(0) string(8) "#Fashion" ["count"]=> string(3) "raw" int(172) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["slug"]=> string(8) "aroxcbst" ["name"]=> string(0) "" ["slug"]=> ["name"]=> int(0) ["count"]=> object(WP_Term)#2674 (10) { [44]=> string(3) "raw" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["parent"]=> string(0) "" ["name"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> } string(3) "raw" string(3) "raw" ["filter"]=> int(3) Exhibition Design Institute (EDI) In-LUST Institut bild.medien Institute for Research in Applied Arts (IRAA) Publikationen. int(5) Architect Gunter Henn & partners. ["filter"]=> } ["name"]=> ["slug"]=> string(3) "raw" int(153) ["count"]=> int(1) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(12) "aroxcapitalz" int(5) string(8) "post_tag" [32]=> } string(7) "#KimYao" ["count"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["count"]=> int(0) ["parent"]=> int(111) object(WP_Term)#2641 (10) { ["description"]=> int(56) } string(3) "raw" string(8) "post_tag" string(3) "raw" int(33) int(24) object(WP_Term)#2584 (10) { ["count"]=> string(7) "library" ["slug"]=> This time 30 years ago, UNStudio was just a pen, a drawing board, and an idea in two young minds: Ben van Berkel, a lecturer at TU Delft, and Caroline Bos, an art historian and architectural journalist. ["term_group"]=> [5]=> string(8) "#AROxUWT" string(12) "adamyarinsky" Office building round shape icon or logo, modern architecture vector illustration. Architecture Research Office. int(0) string(5) "homes" string(13) "collaboration" ["description"]=> ["slug"]=> int(134) int(28) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> [114]=> ["count"]=> int(139) ["term_id"]=> ["description"]=> Social media quote. ["description"]=> int(84) ["parent"]=> int(87) int(0) ["description"]=> string(3) "raw" ARO’s work spans from strategic planning to architecture to urban design. int(23) string(6) "#Press" object(WP_Term)#2671 (10) { string(12) "aroxnycparks" ["filter"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> object(WP_Term)#2599 (10) { ["parent"]=> Office Stuttgart: Talstraße 41 70188 Stuttgart. int(9) string(0) "" object(WP_Term)#2661 (10) { [62]=> ["count"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["description"]=> ["term_id"]=> int(15) ["taxonomy"]=> } ["parent"]=> ["slug"]=> } Philosophie; Team; Jobs; Publikation; Auszeichnungen; Projekte; Kontakt; Search for: Recent Posts. int(0) object(WP_Term)#2587 (10) { ["name"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(11) "#AROxVilcek" } object(WP_Term)#2618 (10) { string(0) "" int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> ["name"]=> object(WP_Term)#2608 (10) { ["description"]=> int(212) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_group"]=> string(16) "aroxlakesidehome" ["slug"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["name"]=> ["parent"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(10) "#Landscape" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["slug"]=> string(0) "" int(157) ["name"]=> ["count"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> Since 1993, ARO has earned a reputation for architecture … int(6) AMDL CIRCLE is a creative multidisciplinary studio renowned for its humanistic architecture and design. ["slug"]=> ["filter"]=> ["filter"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["count"]=> ["name"]=> string(0) "" } string(8) "post_tag" ["description"]=> ["filter"]=> } ["term_id"]=> int(14) [106]=> ["name"]=> int(0) int(1) string(3) "raw" ["name"]=> string(3) "raw" int(0) Architecture Research Office is the New York City firm led by Stephen Cassell, Kim Yao, and Adam Yarinsky. string(8) "post_tag" ["taxonomy"]=> string(14) "#Collaboration" } ["parent"]=> int(0) string(11) "residential" int(0) ["slug"]=> int(205) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_id"]=> string(3) "raw" ["filter"]=> ["name"]=> Übersicht. int(139) LAN (Local Architecture Network) was created by Benoit Jallon and Umberto Napolitano in 2002, with the idea of exploring architecture as an area of... Find out all projects and works designed by Matteo Thun & Partners on Archilovers. int(0) Architecture Research Office (ARO) is the New York City firm led by Stephen Cassell, Kim Yao, and Adam Yarinsky. ["name"]=> } Events. [14]=> object(WP_Term)#2598 (10) { For reviews of Architecture Research Office see below. int(4) ["parent"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["filter"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["name"]=> string(3) "raw" } int(80) } string(8) "post_tag" The new group carries forward a strong lineage of PLP’s decade-long work in driving research-based innovation in architecture and urban design. ["description"]=> ["term_id"]=> string(11) "#AROxTulane" string(8) "post_tag" ["filter"]=> find out more, array(121) { int(43) int(0) string(11) "materiality" ["slug"]=> ["count"]=> string(8) "post_tag" } } int(0) ["parent"]=> ["parent"]=> string(0) "" We work at all scales and in all sectors. int(0) We are one of the UK's largest schools in the field of the built environment and architecture. [33]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(8) "post_tag" Geschichte. string(8) "aroxmoma" int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["name"]=> [90]=> string(10) "aroxrothko" string(8) "post_tag" int(178) int(171) ["filter"]=> string(9) "#Planning" ["slug"]=> ["term_id"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["name"]=> int(0) int(0) int(0) That is what CBRE Netherlands stands for. string(16) "#AROxCalvinKlein" object(WP_Term)#2579 (10) { [52]=> } ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["count"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["description"]=> string(13) "#PassiveHouse" ["count"]=> int(0) ["name"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(11) "#Principals" ["description"]=> ["description"]=> string(9) "classroom" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> string(8) "post_tag" int(8) ["slug"]=> string(10) "commercial" int(94) int(0) ["term_group"]=> string(9) "#Cultural" ["term_id"]=> ["filter"]=> int(0) int(0) int(0) ["parent"]=> string(0) "" ["slug"]=> int(56) object(WP_Term)#2614 (10) { int(0) ["taxonomy"]=> ["name"]=> } ["description"]=> string(3) "raw" int(0) } string(6) "people" ["taxonomy"]=> string(0) "" ["description"]=> string(3) "art" string(3) "raw" string(13) "aroxprinceton" ["taxonomy"]=> string(10) "principals" string(14) "stephencassell" string(0) "" A full-service architecture design network in three locations. ["term_id"]=> string(16) "#AROx100Flatbush" Architecture Research Office, New York, NY. ["slug"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> int(181) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["filter"]=> ["description"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(3) "raw" Architect: Architecture Research Office 170 Varick Street 7th Floor New York, NY 10013 Phone: 212.675.1870 Fax: 212.675.1645 Personnel in architect's firm who should receive special credit: Principals-in-Charge: Kim Yao, AIA; Stephen Cassell, AIA, LEED AP Project Architect: Jejon Yeung, AIA LEED AP Project Team: Yannik Neufang, AIA; Drew Powers; Jenny Hong; Nicholas Desbiens, AIA; Nora … string(19) "aroxcoloradocollege" string(7) "#ARO93-" ["term_id"]=> int(0) ["parent"]=> ["parent"]=> object(WP_Term)#2597 (10) { string(9) "#Research" ["parent"]=> object(WP_Term)#2630 (10) { ["count"]=> ["name"]=> ["slug"]=> string(0) "" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> object(WP_Term)#2580 (10) { ["term_group"]=> int(136) ["count"]=> ["term_id"]=> int(133) string(3) "raw" object(WP_Term)#2656 (10) { } ["taxonomy"]=> } ["name"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["description"]=> int(2) ["parent"]=> int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> Since then, we have not stopped moving, and we have no intention of stopping. FIRM NEWS. string(3) "raw" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> Home News About Contact Search. ["parent"]=> [29]=> ["term_id"]=> ["count"]=> int(1) int(59) int(0) string(7) "#Campus" ["taxonomy"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["term_id"]=> int(0) string(8) "post_tag" int(17) ["term_group"]=> ["parent"]=> Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. [83]=> ["description"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> Browse the complete collection of photos, drawings and design portfolio. string(9) "assembles" ["term_id"]=> ["slug"]=> string(6) "#Boats" int(115) int(127) object(WP_Term)#2610 (10) { object(WP_Term)#2643 (10) { ["slug"]=> [40]=> int(205) string(11) "#AROxNYCDOT" } } Contact us. [99]=> int(51) ["parent"]=> string(24) "#PosthumousCollaboration" int(0) string(14) "arox80flatbush" Our education engages students with the latest research … int(0) string(3) "raw" string(0) "" int(0) string(0) "" string(8) "post_tag" string(0) "" ... Amina recently graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with this Master’s thesis which earned her a nomination for Best Graduate TU Delft 2020 and a place in the Archiprix pre-selection. string(0) "" int(0) string(9) "aroxusace" object(WP_Term)#2679 (10) { int(0) string(6) "#Parks" ["filter"]=> School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape. You no longer need to hire an experienced designer in order to get the professional logo you want! } ["filter"]=> int(55) ["slug"]=> string(15) "highereducation" For more information go to www.architectureproject.com For maps and directions to Architecture Research Office view the map to the right. [88]=> ["description"]=> ["term_group"]=> int(0) string(3) "raw" int(207) ["taxonomy"]=> string(3) "raw" string(3) "raw" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(0) ["term_id"]=> string(0) "" int(0) int(74) ["filter"]=> ["name"]=> ["count"]=> ["description"]=> int(0) string(20) "aroxdowntownalliance" ["description"]=> ["filter"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> string(8) "#Library" [35]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(8) "post_tag" ["term_id"]=> 4,014 Followers, 200 Following, 272 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Architecture Research Office (@architecture.research.office) string(9) "#AROxPace" int(0) ["count"]=> ["count"]=> And so do your clients. int(0) ["slug"]=> ["parent"]=> ["description"]=> Find architecture logo stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. ["description"]=> ["name"]=> ["parent"]=> string(12) "passivehouse" ["name"]=> int(68) ["parent"]=> string(8) "post_tag" } ["taxonomy"]=> [34]=> int(2) ["term_id"]=> ["description"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["name"]=> } object(WP_Term)#2590 (10) { int(54) string(8) "post_tag" int(163) string(0) "" int(0) ["filter"]=> Amman, Jordan. ["count"]=> int(147) ["taxonomy"]=> int(56) ["name"]=> object(WP_Term)#2688 (10) { } string(3) "raw" ["taxonomy"]=> ["slug"]=> Since a company’s logo is a design which will always pop up with your companies name it is vital to create the best logo possible for your company. int(0) string(10) "#Assembles" object(WP_Term)#2675 (10) { int(0) string(8) "post_tag" string(8) "post_tag" PLP Labs emerged from an ambition to rethink the role of the architect as a mediator between the unprecedented speed of technological and digital change and the comparative slow pace of urban development. string(11) "aroxknollny" At their kitchen table, they sketched out their first designs, and the future of UNStudio. int(110) ["parent"]=> ["slug"]=> string(7) "aroxuwt" string(11) "#Renovation" ["filter"]=> ["name"]=> string(6) "#Small" int(154) ["taxonomy"]=> int(184) object(WP_Term)#2644 (10) { int(0) int(0) ["description"]=> int(54) The counterpart to OMA's architectural practice is AMO, a research studio based in Rotterdam. int(0) ["slug"]=> int(0) int(0) string(8) "post_tag" ["parent"]=> [51]=> } int(0) int(20) ["filter"]=> ["term_id"]=> int(67) We are Snøhetta. string(4) "#Art" int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["parent"]=> ["parent"]=> ["count"]=> ["slug"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_id"]=> ["filter"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(128) string(8) "post_tag" object(WP_Term)#2672 (10) { ["name"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> int(3) object(WP_Term)#2628 (10) { ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(0) [70]=> int(75) ["description"]=> string(8) "post_tag" [103]=> string(15) "#Sustainability" ["term_group"]=> int(0) object(WP_Term)#2634 (10) { Lehrkräfte für besondere Aufgaben. ["slug"]=> ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["filter"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(7) "#Public" ["slug"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ARCHITECTURAL CERAMICS ASSEMBLY WORKSHOP. int(0) ["term_group"]=> ["slug"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["term_group"]=> string(6) "aronow" string(5) "bronx" ["term_id"]=> int(5) } string(10) "aroxrhouse" string(13) "#AdamYarinsky" string(9) "workplace" int(0) string(0) "" string(3) "raw" int(152) ["term_id"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["count"]=> ["count"]=> object(WP_Term)#2673 (10) { int(0) ["term_group"]=> string(3) "raw" In the coming five months, Lyongo investigates the degree of diversity and inclusiveness of architecture in Amsterdam. string(3) "raw" ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> } [15]=> ["term_group"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(3) "raw" string(3) "raw" ["taxonomy"]=> } int(21) int(88) Photograph by Richard Barnes int(52) string(8) "addition" string(0) "" ["parent"]=> ["filter"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> int(20) string(3) "raw" int(0) int(77) int(48) object(WP_Term)#2637 (10) { string(0) "" ["term_id"]=> ["term_id"]=> string(0) "" ["term_group"]=> int(24) string(0) "" ["term_id"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["description"]=> ["name"]=> } ["term_id"]=> string(20) "#AROxColoradoCollege" object(WP_Term)#2692 (10) { int(110) ["term_id"]=> int(0) object(WP_Term)#2602 (10) { int(13) Cityscape, apartment icon. } } ["parent"]=> ["filter"]=> int(1) string(8) "post_tag" [80]=> string(8) "post_tag" t @HUTArchitecture. string(10) "#AROxBrown" int(44) int(4) Our people collaborate across a network of 24 offices on three continents. } ["term_id"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["slug"]=> int(85) ["slug"]=> ["parent"]=> @KentArch. string(3) "raw" ["slug"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> Process. We offer industry-relevant undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Architecture, Building Services Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Project Management, Property and Real Estate Studies, Building Surveying and Quantity Surveying. string(8) "#Exhibit" ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_id"]=> string(3) "raw" string(13) "#AROxFilzFelt" ["description"]=> string(8) "post_tag" string(10) "aroxtulane" int(10) ["name"]=> ["filter"]=> int(0) [1]=> int(0) object(WP_Term)#2653 (10) { ["name"]=> int(7) string(13) "aroxkingsland" [8]=> int(0) object(WP_Term)#2612 (10) { int(209) int(0) ["term_group"]=> string(13) "#Recreational" int(26) string(12) "#AROxNippert" } ["count"]=> } ["name"]=> string(3) "raw" int(0) string(6) "#About" string(11) "aroxknollla" int(87) object(WP_Term)#2591 (10) { string(0) "" Public Programs. int(43) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(0) ["name"]=> int(1) ["filter"]=> ["count"]=> int(133) int(53) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ["term_group"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> [41]=> ["description"]=> string(8) "post_tag" object(WP_Term)#2664 (10) { ["parent"]=> object(WP_Term)#2611 (10) { ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> ARO’s work spans from strategic planning to architecture to urban design. string(0) "" int(136) int(0) [119]=> } string(3) "raw" ["term_group"]=> ["parent"]=> ["count"]=> ["taxonomy"]=> ["term_group"]=> int(0) ["description"]=> ["description"]=> ["term_group"]=>